CD Bank cataloguer History

Version history for CD Bank cataloguer shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 16, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2.8.0
Size: 1304 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   CD Bank will help you maintain and organize a catalog of your media collection, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs or any other drives. It will also create thumbnails and file previews, calculates CRC, retrieve the CDDB information, print CD-covers.

v 2.8.0 updated on Jan 19, 2010

OGG file tags reading, Meta Search Catalog etc

v 2.7.8 updated on Sep 02, 2006

Multi-page searching

v 2.7.6 updated on Mar 30, 2006

Extra groups, disk codes.

v 2.7.5 updated on Mar 06, 2006

Fixed important error for using under Windows 98, improved HTML importing and DiskToHTML utility

v 2.7.4 updated on Jan 30, 2006

Select the one folder for scan (instead whole disk), IEC prefix for file size, installing the portable description for new file converters, "Media type" disk property, adapted for usage under limited user rights.

v 2.7.3 updated on Dec 19, 2005

CRC32 supporting, searching files, interface improvements

v 2.7.2 updated on Nov 29, 2005

no more limits for disks with same serial number, optimized archive content reading and saving (more compact database), searching and reporting improvements, more useful working, error fixing

v 2.7.1 updated on Oct 21, 2005

Reading RAR archives structure, columns customization, properties dialog for multiple disks, catalog overview, big bugfixing work

v 2.7.0 updated on Aug 30, 2005

Disk specimens support, add-ons support, no more nag-screen for the first 30-days trial period, database path customization, columns customization

v 2.6.9 updated on Jul 04, 2005

Numerous improvements in search, audio track length printing.

v 2.6.8 updated on May 16, 2005

Loading time radically optimized. Macros support. Searching queries and Query Builder. Colors by file type.

v 2.6.6 updated on Mar 02, 2005

Searching disks in base, exporting full file list to CD Covers, compact Disk Preview, search optimization.

v 2.6.5 updated on Feb 16, 2005

Scanning the hard drives. Disk locations. Fixed errors in search and properties dialogs. Interface improvements (zoom for cover images, precise file size showing etc.)

v 2.6.3 updated on Jan 20, 2005

Changes in View all loans dialog - filter by disk, viewing disk loan history.

v 2.6.2 updated on Dec 23, 2004

Interface improvements : formatted alt. names in file list etc.

v 2.6.1 updated on Dec 09, 2004

Interface improvements.

v 2.5.1 updated on Nov 25, 2004

Important error fixing. Improvements in disk scanning, cover image navigation, data searching

v 2.5.0 updated on Nov 16, 2004

Unknown changes

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