Clever Internet .NET Suite History

Version history for Clever Internet .NET Suite shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 28, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 7.8
Size: 5808 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Suite components allow you to send and receive mail, including HTML and MIME attachments, from your applications, download and upload Internet resources over most popular protocols.

v 7.8 updated on Dec 02, 2014

What's New: - 64bit binaries are included to the installation; - Visual Studio 2012; - FtpServer fixes and improvements; - HTTP request component - fixes in canonicalization algorithm; - minor fixes and additions

v 7.3 updated on May 27, 2011

What's New: - Full IpV6 support was implemented; - SMTP message size limit was implemented; - MailMessage - encoding of email addresses was improved; - Http and FtpServer components - new events were added; - minor fixes and additions and more...

v 7.2 updated on Apr 12, 2011

What's New: - MS Visual Studio 2010 support; - .NET Framework 4.0; - Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework 3.5; - IMAP Server component; - Certificate management improvements; - Custom TCP client/server solution with SSL and more...

v 7.1 updated on Apr 12, 2010

What's New: - MS Visual Studio 2008 support; - Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework 3.5; - IMAP Server component; - Certificate management improvements; - EPP client/server; - Custom TCP client/server solution with SSL and more...

v 6.1 updated on Jun 05, 2007

What's New: Server Guard component - brute-force attack blocking, connection flood detecting, Int64 support, session timeout, vulnerability protection, FTP data port protection

v 6.0 updated on Apr 26, 2007

What's New: SSL / TLS support for all protocol components, NTLM Authentication for all mail components, NTLM and Negotiate support for HTTP Client component, Server Components for FTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols, WebDAV client and GZip components

v 5.0 updated on Sep 28, 2006

New Components: - DNS Query, queries a DNS server for records - HTTP Mail Client, connects to the Microsoft HotMail service - SMTP Relay, implements a SMTP Relay agent - SMTP Client - POP3 Client - IMAP Client - NNTP Client - HTTP Client - FTP Client

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