Collection Studio History

Version history for Collection Studio shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Feb 11, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 4.72
Size: 4640 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   CollectionStudio - Best and real solution for Your Collection (posters, coins, stamps, books, paper money)

v 4.72 updated on Apr 14, 2016

Lot of changes in collectible editing and viewing. Enhanced work with collectible statuses. Improved updater and many other useful changes.

v 4.71 updated on Aug 25, 2015

Lot of changes in collectible editing and viewing. Enhanced work with collectible statuses. Improved updater and many other useful changes.

v 4.70 updated on Feb 16, 2015

Lot of changes in collectible editing and viewing. Enhanced work with collectible statuses. Improved updater and many other useful changes.

v 4.69 updated on Nov 30, 2014

Lot of changes in collectible editing and viewing. Enhanced work with collectible statuses. Improved updater and many other useful changes.

v 3.61 updated on May 04, 2011

1. New functionality - Remote Database; 2. Lot of improvements for all collectible types; 3. Filter: auto group years (in decades and centuries), auto groups dates; 4. Multilingual support: New Indonesian localization was added; 5. And much more other enhancements...

v 3.60 updated on Mar 25, 2011

1. New functionality - Remote Database; 2. Lot of improvements for all collectible types; 3. Filter: auto group years (in decades and centuries), auto groups dates; 4. Multilingual support: New Indonesian localization was added; 5. And much more other enhancements...

v 3.59 updated on Aug 19, 2010

1. Remote Database: - "Options" window: account setup was added; - "Containers properties" dialog: setup of the remote collection properties was added; - Synchronize command was added. 2. Collectibles: - Show "status" field in "View using" tool and in the main menu; - Fixed: wrong national symbols were displayed in "View using" tool for fields of the "comments" type; - Fixed: collectible template was not initialized with default value during creation of the new collection; - Fixed: show correct collection title in the caption of the CollectionStudio; - New: allow modification of the main container using "Container properties" dialog; - Fixed: showing countries without collectibles in "statistics by country" list; - Fixed: modification of the images properties (reported by Werewolf on forums); - New standard collectible status was added: sold; 3. Filter: - A new ability was added: auto group years (in decades and centuries), auto groups dates (year and months); - Fixed: program crush during new item creation with running filter. 4. Multilingual support: - New Indonesian localization was added (thanks to Wawan Kuncoro); - Update of the Ukrainian localization (thanks to netavek); - Update of the Turkish localization (thanks to Ali Koc); - Update of the Polish localization (thanks to Duszkiewicz Krzysztof); 5. New countries with their flags were added according to users suggestions. Fix appearance of several african countries on the map.

v 3.58 updated on Apr 01, 2010

1. Custom containers: - New: Auto complete function was added for Combobox field type; Suggested on our forums by Cyron; - New: Allow output of the field caption in "Collectible edit" dialog with one or two lines of text. - Fix: Allow unlimited number of characters to be typed in every custom field; - Fix: "Duplicate collectible" functionality was repaired; - Fix: There is no more multiply selection in comboboxes (discussed on russian forums); - Fix: Save formattings options in text of fields with "Comments" type (discussed on russian forums). 2. Multilingual support: - Update of the Lithuanian flag Lithuanian localization (thanks to Laurius Vaitkevicius); - Update of the Belarussian flag Belarussian localization; - Update of the German flag German localization. 3. Changed: - Export tool: Usage of the current sort order was added during export (suggested on our forums by Laurius Vaitkevicius); - Usage of the filter was added during export. - Fix: disable call of image rotate/copy/exif functionality when there is no linked image. - Fix: Sort collectibles according "income" date (reported by Mr Dronsky). - View using tool: Fix selection of the template using main menu (reported by Cyron on our forums).

v 3.57 updated on Mar 09, 2010

1. Custom containers: - Move all collectibles into the recycle bin during deletion of any custom container; - Move collectible into the recycle bin during deletion; - Move collectible into another custom container using container selection dialog. 2. Filter: Filter was translated in several interface languages; 3. Multilingual support: - Update of the Ukrainian localization (thanks to netavek); - Lot of new interface elements now support translation. 4. View using tool: - Fix: Double country output in "View using" tool (reported by Catalin); - Fix: The whole content was output twice during creation of the new item. 5. Custom collectibles: - Fix: loading/saving of the "Comments" custom field was fixed (this type of custom field for collectibles was introduced in the previous version); Problem was reported on our forums by Cyron.

v 3.56 updated on Feb 08, 2010

* New translations: Ukrainian, Belgium Flemish and German * "All fields" and "Non empty fields" listings now are sorted ascending; * New setup possibilities were added; * More faster drawing of the content. * New field type: Comments (multi-line edit area with formatting options). * New functionality: Add/delete container; change containter properties. * Settings: Enable/disable custom containers functionality. * Display correct names of custom fields in "View Using" tool (suggested on our forum by brucec); * Show statistics by each custom field. * Print and Print Preview: Fix columns order and columns visibility. * Start-up: Fixed start-up of CS using file association (discussed on our forums). * Import: Small fix in work with standard fields. * Maps: Several countries were fixed on political maps (discussed on our web-site, forums section); * New statistics view "By catalogue price" was added (with similar behavior of the "By price" statistics view). * Statistics by field: ascendant sort by field value; * Indicate column with sort when view is changed (applied for statistics views); * Even more faster drawing of the list; * Fix: restore of the column widthes; * List settings: fix modifying of list properties. * New value selector was introduced for list with huge amount of values. This selector allows grouping by first symbols; * Filter was translated in several interface languages; * Fixed error on item delete/add. * Edit: fix selection of the country for books and posters (reported on forums).

v 3.54 updated on Apr 10, 2009

Custom collectibles: - New field type - quality; - Automatical enable/disable quality state functionality (views, tab "Quality state" etc); - Fix: Editing of value in Combo fields. All Collectible types: - New collection option - Use collectible prices; - Automatical enable/disable collectible prices functionality (tab in "Edit" window, statistics). Attachments: - Allow insertion or linking of any file for any item; - New "Attachment properties" dialog; - Allow/disable "Attachments" tab for particular item types. Images: - View information from EXIF. Multilingual support: - Update of the Russian localization; - Update of the Belarussian localization. Export: Speed-up generation of the file being exported. Date format: A checkbox was added to enable/disable custom date format. Minor bug fixing.

v 3.51 updated on Jan 12, 2009

List: Ability to filter displayed rows in the list was added. Support for 8 mathematical operations for filtration; Hold selection on sort; Fix sort procedure; Save columns settings for each view in CS Document. - Collectible: A new field was added - collectible status as a part of the loan management in CS. A new tab with collectible history was added. - Custom collectibles: A new field type "Year" was added. - Multilingual support: New localizations were added - Turkish language (thanks to Ali Koc, an editor of an important download Turkish website - and new localization with Italian language (thanks to De Profundis Rebecchino) and new Hungarian localization was added (thanks to Mr. PEter PAlla); Update of the Polish localization (thanks to Duszkiewicz Krzysztof), update of the Lithuanian localization (tahnks to Laurius Vaitkevicius). - Update: A Web Update feature was added for automatical CollectionStudio update checking according current user setup. - Import: Support of the "Auto-detect" input file format was added; Support of the Tab-separated text file (extension: txt) was added; Visualisation: Empty data columns are not shown in the import list; Auto-detect of the column type was added for following types of fields: country, currency name, donator, quality state and for face value field; "Income date" field now can be imported in several date formats, such as yyyy-mm-dd,, etc or using unix date format; Statistics about imported data was enhanced. - Export: Add support for special symbols in fields during export into CSV file format. - Images: Speed of images loading was increased. - Dates Calculator: A new Dates Calculator 3.0.3 was included into this build. - Country flags: A new list of country names was added to set correct flag using in-built icon database; Possibility to switch between these lists was added. - Statistics: New columns: "Price" and "Catalog Price" were added for several statistics view (Suggested by tamako). - Plugins: Fix work with face value of the collectible during run of plugin. - Minor bug fixing.

v 2.47 updated on May 13, 2008

- Statistics: Allow open "Edit" dialog for collectibles mentioned in the main statistics view. - Links: Show information tooltips for links on the tab "Links". - Multilingual support: Translation was updated for several dialog controls in Collection Studio; Select correct iterface language at first start up; - Options: "Document Options" window was reviewed. - Settings: "Collectible" page was reviewed. - Settings: New options were added: Show(or not) "Country Comments" tab for collectible and Show(or not) "Currency Comments" tab for collectible. - Stamps: Selection of the new coutnry/currency was fixed. - Contact: Renaming of the contact name was fixed. - List: More accurate drawing of the selection in the list.

v 2.44 updated on Jan 09, 2008

- Comments Tab: Allow loading of the ASCII text files. - XML Export: Add options window for export into XML file. - Plugins: Speed-up work with plugins. - Vista: Fix drawing procedure under MS Windows Vista. - Minor bug fixing.

v 2.43 updated on Dec 27, 2007

- Items: Unlimited set of links were added for each item type. Setup possibilities. - Sounds: New sounds were added. - Item Edit: Add prev/next buttons into "Edit" window for fast switching between items in List View (suggestion by Cliff on our forum). - Info bar: Show the full path for current view. Add links for "Collection view" and for "Statistics view" in order to fast switch between views. - Multilingual support: New localization was added - Polish language. - Banknotes: A new field - "Signatory" was added (suggestion by Cliff on our forum). - Dates Calculator: Support for Nepali Dates - Bikram Samvat Era [VS] conversion. - Image bar: Enable image bar for views with currencies, countries, contacts and with quality levels (suggestion by Cliff on our forum). - Export: Enhance export into XML/SQL for medal and movie collectibles. - Links: Add a lot of new information links. - Settings: Allow/disable usage of formattings options in "Comments" tab. - Fix: Search tool was repaired. - Fix: Smooth resizing of the "Edit" window. - Fix: Two critical errors were fixed; - Minor bug fixing.

v 2.41 updated on Oct 22, 2007

Newly added features: - List View: View all collectibles for selected face value, income year, century in the list (double click). - View: New "Europe" view was added with colored map. - Comments: Add text formatting (fonts, alignments, character decorations etc) for comments. - Images: Add information tooltips for images. Add fast access to "Image edit" dialog. - Export: Export images into SQL. - Export: Reduce size of the generated file with exported data. - Tab Images: Enhance work with images. New fields for image were introduced. - Multilingual support: Improve translation of the Collection Studio. - Install: Add additional install possibilities during installation of the Collection Studio. - Minor bug fixing.

v 1.36 updated on Sep 02, 2006

Newly added features: - Export/Import: Support of images during export/import was added for XML files. - Stamps: New fields - Topic (Category) and Postmark (location, city/country) were added. - Coins: New flag for coins - Commemorative coin or not. - New View: A new statistics view "Commemorative coins" was added for coins collections. - New View: Statistics by continent using easy expandable database. - View: More faster drawing of the huge data in the main list. - Country flags: A huge amount of country flags were added. - Country flags: New open database format was implemented for countries flag in order to easy add synonyms of countries names. - Statistics View: Statistics view was enhanced in order to show additional information about collection. - Mainbar: Additional information was appended in the item description. - Histogram: Our histogram view was enhanced in order to show more data with nice look. - Update of the Collection Studio Help file. - Kernel: Speed-up several kernel methods of the Collection Studio. - Kernel: Saving more compact Collection Studio Document. - Collectible Edit: Addtional page was added into collectible edit dialog for country comments (and currency comments). - List: Remove appearance of strange columns during switching of the Collection View. - Minor bug fixing.

v 1.35 updated on Jun 08, 2006

Newly added features: - New feature: List of Contacts. - New feature: Password protection of your Collection Studio Document. - New feature: Sounds for most important actions were added with setup possibility in the Settings window. - New feature: Support of images for contact/country/currency/quality level items. - Main View: Gallery view for selected collectible was added for following views: "Collection", "Duplicates" and "Statistics: By Empty Year". - Export: A support of the MS Excel file (XLS) was added. - Export: A support of the SQL-Scripts files (SQL) was added. - Save View: A support of the MS Excel file (XLS) was added. - New View: Statistics by Mint for coins and banknotes collections. - New View: Statistics by Region for coins and banknotes collections. - Settings: New "File association" page was added, using which you can associate .col files with Collection Studio (so Collection Studio opens the file when double-clicking on it). - Menu: New menu item "Open link" was added for fast open URL link in the Web-Browser. This feature is used for URL of Country National Banks. Hot key: Ctrl + L. - Menu: New menu item "Image Bar" was added in order to show or hide Image Bar. - Statistics View: Show max prices (real and sell) of the collectible. - Import: Import process was enhanced. - Import: "Import into collection" dialog was enhanced. - Export/Import: Processing of all customs fields was added. - Main view: Resize possibility of the third pane (statistics image/collectible gallery) was added. - Windows: Last window position on the screen is saved and restored for following windows: "Edit Collectible", "Collection Options", "Search" and "Settings". - Dates calculator: Support of Japanese dates was added. So, now three types of dates are supported: Moslem, Hebrew and Japanese. Later, new formats will be appended as well. - Countries: Automatically fix of the entered URL. - New Design: New design was implemented in following windows: "Find" window, "About Collection Studio" window and in the "New Collection" window. - Update of the Collection Studio Help file. - Item Edit: List of collectible for given contact/country/currency/quality level item. - Fix: Emission Year is not exported/imported. - Fix: External Index – this field is in the exported file but is not imported back into the database. - Minor bug fixing.

v 1.34 updated on Mar 06, 2006

Newly added features: Changed, reviewed, modified features:

v 1.33 updated on Sep 28, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.32 updated on May 10, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.31 updated on Mar 28, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.30 updated on Feb 11, 2005

Unknown changes

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