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Version history for CommView shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 13, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 6.5
Size: 22667 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   CommView is a program for monitoring Internet and Local Area Network (LAN) activity capable of capturing and analyzing network packets. With CommView you can see the list of network connections and vital IP statistics and examine individual packets.

v 6.5 updated on Nov 30, 2014

A completely reworked protocol decoder: more supported protocols and a summary for each packet.

v 6.1 updated on Jan 11, 2009

New operating systems supported * Decreased RAM utilization in the VoIP analysis module * Adjustable jitter buffer for realistic simulation of real-life VoIP phone sound quality * Improved "Find" dialog * More flexible decoder tree options * Many other improvements

v 5.5 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Full IPv6 support throughout the application, UTF-8 support in TCP session reconstruction, optional reassembly of fragmented IP packets, A new alarm type: the application can pronounce messages, a few decoding and session reconstruction improvements, a few other bugfixes.

v 5.3 updated on Jul 27, 2006

* IP-to-country mapping for IP addresses provides real-time geolocation for all IP addresses shown by the application. * Redesigned columns in the "Packets" tab and "Log Viewer" to make them more convenient to use. The column order on all tabs of the main application window is now customizable. * Ability to create any number of snapshots of the current packet buffer, which makes it much easier to work with packets under a heavy network load. You can now examine the buffer in separate windows, without the risk of losing old packets and the need to look for packets that were scrolled out of view. * Improved alarms allow you to send customizable e-mail alerts. * Resizable "Statistics" window. * Improved "Find" dialog. * Optional gridlines for a better packet visibility. * A few other improvements.

v 5.1 updated on Feb 10, 2006

Quick Filters that allow you to easily create new packet views for similar packets based on MAC addresses, IP addresses, or ports, Filtering by process name is now available, Updated MAC vendor list, Automatic application updates, Many other improvements and bug fixes.

v 5.0 updated on Jan 13, 2005

Mapping packets to application that sent or received them, High resolution time stamping (up to microseconds), graphic host conversation matrices, new decoding modules, Windows XP 64-bit Edition support, Multiple Remote Agent connections

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