DDFileCatcher History

Version history for DDFileCatcher shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 01, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Size: 8585 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Save file list reports in Microsoft Excel and Word. Easily add more files existing file lists. Copy file names, and over 700 file properties. Save file lists to OpenOffice Calc and Writer, and other output formats including custom templates.

v updated on Oct 06, 2016

Improved startup time and usablitiy.Better template design and creation method.

v updated on Sep 05, 2016

Improved startup time and usablitiy.Better template design and creation method.

v updated on Dec 03, 2014

Added some missing file poperties

v updated on Mar 23, 2011

New security certicate applied

v updated on Nov 13, 2010

Improved useability and speed, added OpenOffice Calc and Writer output formats, greatly simplified the user interface.

v updated on Sep 28, 2010

Added hyperlink output for Excel, OpenOffice Calc and HTML, forward slash filepaths, HTML image code output, align text in Excel to the right for numerical file properties

v updated on Jun 15, 2010

Add feature of listing folders only. Can now list all the folders on a drive.

v updated on Apr 22, 2010

Fixed bug which was preventing file lists being saved to disk.

v updated on Apr 03, 2010

Improved usability by adding a form to preview the output

v updated on Oct 25, 2009

Improved usability by adding a form to preview the output

v updated on May 30, 2009

Modifications to make program compatible with Windows Data Excecution Protection (DEP). The protection system used by DDFileCatcher used assembly language, which is now not allowed by Microsoft to run on your computer unless you add the application to the list of DEP exceptions.

v updated on Apr 27, 2009

Added Search Subfolders toolbar button.

v 3.04.4 updated on Feb 25, 2009

Changed to use a Windows Installer Package file for installation.

v 3.04 updated on Jan 26, 2009

Simplified and improved method of use. Extended option for adding the date and comments to most output formats. Made folders and filenames format available to all output formats including XML. Added output to Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets. Improved output speed.

v 3.036 updated on Nov 26, 2008

Added HTML table output. Added new category of file property - Version Information. This is the information found on the Windows Explorer file properties version tab.

v 3.03 updated on Aug 27, 2008

Improved help screens and method of entering the keycode.

v 2.5020 updated on Nov 28, 2007

Price reduced from $29.95 to $19.95

v 2.5019 updated on Oct 24, 2007

Improvements to MP3 Artist property and opening of setup form.

v 2.5018 updated on Oct 12, 2007

Improved handling of large numbers of MP3 files. Estimated time for file information output added.

v 2.5017.1 updated on Sep 19, 2007

Improvement to setup loading

v 2.5016 updated on Aug 17, 2007

Added more MP3 and media file properties, such as bitrate and track number.

v 2.5015 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Code to catch rare case where files have no "date modied" property

v 2.5014 updated on May 11, 2007

Improved formating of csv and tab delimited output

v 2.5013 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Fixed bug which was causing Document Properties not to be displayed

v 2.5008 updated on Oct 02, 2006

Improved methods of property selection and changing the property order.

v 2.5007 updated on Sep 01, 2006

Improved XML output including new format, added Windows Explorer specific image properties, now reads from all CDs and DVDs, added ISO 8601 (sortable) date format, added headings option.

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