Directory Lister Pro History

Version history for Directory Lister Pro shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 26, 2007) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2.12
Size: 3869 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Create and print listings of files from selected directories on hard disks, dvd-roms, usb storages and network shares in HTML, text, CSV or database format. Print EXE, DLL information, MP3, DOC, XLS, PPT, AVI, WAV properties, CRC32, MD5, SHA1 hashes.

v 2.12 updated on Oct 17, 2016

+ Added option to append records to existing table in database output. ! Fix font weight setting in HTML output.

v 2.11 updated on Sep 29, 2016

+ Added additional option for hiding empty parent directories. * Folder links (reparse points, junction points, symlinks) are not treated as folders to prevent endless folder loops.

v 2.09 updated on Sep 05, 2016

* Hide empty directories option now works with tree display.

v 2.06 updated on Mar 30, 2016

+ Added SHA-256 and SHA-512 hash sums. * Hash sums are now counted in parallel which improves listing generation time. * Improved memory usage while counting hash sums.

v 2.05 updated on Mar 15, 2016

! Fixed long close for command line mode. ! Improved main window responsiveness while counting hash sums.

v 2.04 updated on Mar 06, 2016

! Fixed importing registration key.

v 2.02 updated on Oct 19, 2015

+ Added folder filters. * Better progress dialog. * New, bigger icons in the toolbar. * Listing generation now divided into two phases: scanning files and retrieving properties.

v 1.71 updated on Aug 28, 2015

Listing file has now the same date as the listing header.

v 1.70 updated on Jul 03, 2015

! Fixed crash of shell extension.

v 1.69 updated on May 17, 2015

! Fixed reading avi files with DVM wave format. ! Fixed sorting of directories in some cases. ! Fixed reading of newer (v4, v5) BMP files.

v 1.68 updated on Dec 04, 2014

! Fixed crash when "Database output" and "Draw directories tree" options were selected. ! Fixed sorting of files with hyphen or apostrophe when "Recognize numbers while sorting" option was unchecked.

v 1.40 updated on May 23, 2011

Added database output support

v 1.38 updated on Mar 10, 2011

Fixed reading MP3 files

v 1.36 updated on Dec 20, 2010

Fixed reading MP3 files

v 1.34 updated on Jul 27, 2010

Added support for MP4 files

v 1.33 updated on Jun 10, 2010

Bug fixes update

v 1.32 updated on Apr 07, 2010

Added PDF properties support

v 1.31 updated on Jan 29, 2010

Unknown changes

v 1.30 updated on Jan 19, 2010

Unknown changes

v 1.23 updated on Dec 20, 2009

Unknown changes

v 1.22 updated on Dec 05, 2009

Unknown changes

v 1.21 updated on Oct 28, 2009

Unknown changes

v 1.10 updated on Aug 01, 2008

Unknown changes

v 1.09 updated on Jul 06, 2008

Unknown changes

v 1.07 updated on Mar 20, 2008

Unknown changes

v 1.05 updated on Jan 09, 2008

Unknown changes

v 1.02 updated on Dec 26, 2007

Unknown changes

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