EnhanceMyVista Pro History

Version history for EnhanceMyVista Pro shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 06, 2008) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.4
Size: 10926 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   An all-in-one set of powerful and neatly classified tools, settings and tweaks: Process Manager, Disk and Registry Cleaners, Defragmenter and other. With a clean and simple interface it helps you to gain maximum performance from your Windows Vista.

v 3.4 updated on Dec 04, 2014

- Added support for all the latest Intel and AMD processors; - Updated "Sensors" panel to support all the latest processors and chips sensors;

v 3.2 updated on Jun 24, 2010

- Done UI and stability improvements;

v 3.1 updated on Apr 15, 2010

- Added new Information tabs for CPU, Mainboard, Memory and Video Card; - Done many UI Improvements;

v 2.11 updated on Dec 22, 2009

- Done many optimizations

v 2.10 updated on Nov 27, 2009

- Done stability improvements;

v 2.9 updated on Oct 30, 2009

- Optimized registry cleaner;

v 2.6 updated on Sep 02, 2009

- Done stability improvements;

v 2.3 updated on Apr 11, 2009

- Performance and stability improvements;

v 2.1 updated on Feb 11, 2009

- Improved performance; - Improved start time;

v 1.16 updated on Dec 04, 2008

- Done performance and stability improvements;

v 1.14 updated on Oct 13, 2008

- Restore Point Creation updated;- Fixed some bugs ;

v 1.12 updated on Jul 28, 2008

-System Repair Updated; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.10 updated on Jun 17, 2008

- Services Updated; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.9 updated on May 29, 2008

-Added Context Menu;- Services Updated; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.7 updated on Mar 21, 2008

-Added System Repair; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.5 updated on Feb 20, 2008

-Added Help; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.3 updated on Jan 21, 2008

-Added Optimize Services; -Fixed some bugs;

v 1.2 updated on Jan 06, 2008

-Added Messaging; -Added Services Manager; -Add System Information;

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