kmAnywhere 2005 Pro History

Version history for kmAnywhere 2005 Pro shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 16, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: build 12.22
Size: 11419KB
OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Description:   kmAnywhere is a seriouly intergrated personal infomation manager, to help you surf and work much more efficient. In addition, kmAnywhere is portable. It could be installed onto any USB mobile disk and upgrade your storage device into portable PC.

v build 12.22 updated on Dec 26, 2005

(1) Fix save as and export error in text editor, (2) add external file link feature to Notebooks, (3) add display original PDF file capabilities to Notebooks...

v build 11.17 updated on Nov 20, 2005

Fix 4 bugs in timesheet module.

v build 09.27 updated on Sep 29, 2005

New feature: Add export Favorites To Go to HTMl bookmark file.

v build 08.18 updated on Aug 22, 2005

(1) New feature: Add double click web page tab to close function to Browser module. (2) Bug fixes: Fix the error in build 08.16 when new image doc to Notebooks. (3) Adjustment: Check [View] - [Text Only When Browsing .doc and .ppt] in the main menu of

v build 08.16 updated on Aug 17, 2005

(1) Add "Show text only when browsing .doc and .ppt format file" option to Notebooks module , (2) Bug fixes: Open document by default application in Notebooks module now works properly

v build 08.04 updated on Aug 08, 2005

(1) Add Import/index pdf file to Notebooks module, (2) Add some unspecified improvement

v build 07.20 updated on Jul 21, 2005

Add Save and Close button to built-in editors and up-specified bug fixes

v build 07.15 updated on Jul 19, 2005

New feature: add MS Office support

v build 06.13 updated on Jun 14, 2005

New feature: add import .eml files to email module, and fix unspecified minor bugs

v build 05.30 updated on May 31, 2005

New feature: add use default external email client option to contacts module, adjust the layout of memo display area in notebooks module, and bug fixes

v build 05.20 updated on May 24, 2005

New feature:Add sidebar to main form and remove desktop, Speed up startup and bug fixes

v build 05.13 updated on May 16, 2005

New feature:Add capture text only and capture area text functions to browser module

v build 05.06 updated on May 11, 2005

(1) New feature: add create schedule function to email module, (2) Overall layout minor adjustment and minor bug fixes

v build 04.29 updated on Apr 29, 2005

Remove desktop object setting and change desktop layout to make it simple.

v build 04.22 updated on Apr 28, 2005

(1) New feature: Add web page tab settings to browser, (2) New feature: Save the width/height of panes after module was closed

v build 04.08 updated on Apr 11, 2005

(1)Bug fixed: import address book from outlook 200x may cause error, (2) New feature: Export basic contact information to a CSV file , (3) New feature: Add new option "Download Broken Links from Internet" to save web page setting

v build 04.04 updated on Apr 06, 2005

(1)Bug fixed: Send message process may close kmAnywhere, (2) New feature: Add open last visited URLs at browser module startup

v build 03.24 updated on Mar 28, 2005

(1) Add RSS reader to browser module, (2) Overall code optimization

v build 03.21 updated on Mar 22, 2005

Fix a bug in import book (after build 03.11 )

v build 03.16 updated on Mar 16, 2005

(1) Fix a bug about SMTP/sending message when using a restricted right account login, (2) remove some minor bugs

v build 03.11 updated on Mar 14, 2005

(1) Fix the startup error of previous version in Intel 3.xG PC, (2) overall code optimization

v build 03.04 updated on Mar 07, 2005

(1) Add ekm file exchange/send function to notebooks module (User can pack an document of book, including all information and files attached, to a single .ekm file. This provides another information sharing approach between users of kmAnywhere. Go to main menu of notebooks - File - Import/Export/Email) (2) Add web page document options to notebooks module (Go to main menu of notebooks - Edit - Web Page Document Options) (3) Add download options to browser module (Go to main menu of browser - Configuration - Download Options) (4) Add my favorites to go function to browser module (Open my favorites panel in browser module, switch to "To Go" page using the tab on the bottom of the panel. Press Exchange button on the toolbar of the panel, select Import from IE) (5) Add message body options to email module (Go to main menu of email - Run - Message Body Options)

v build 02.25 updated on Feb 28, 2005

Add a bukup email engine to ensure email module can work properly anywhere, even start kmAnywhere from usb disk and using a "restricted right" user account

v build 02.21 updated on Feb 21, 2005

Adjust the charest coding of email module

v build 02.16 updated on Feb 18, 2005

Revise find and highlight text function for RTF document in Notebooks module, Fix an error when open a message with read receipt requirement in email module, Fix a bug in email editor when enable use new mail option with no option was setup, code optimization in email module and browser module

v build 02.15 updated on Feb 16, 2005

Add three columns (priority, score and flag) to document of notebook, Add default option to email editor when new a message, Code optimization for email module - anti-spam mode

v build 02.05 updated on Feb 06, 2005

Minior interface adjustment in email editor

v build 02.02 updated on Feb 03, 2005

Code optimization for email module, delete message at anti-spam mode Fix a bug in contacts module, import address book from outlook

v build 01.31 updated on Feb 02, 2005

Add more charset items to email editor Add insert flash to HTML editor Minor tune Power caputre

v build 01.30 updated on Jan 31, 2005

code optimization for receiving message

v build 01.16 updated on Jan 17, 2005

Fix a bug about format text error in rtf editor of build 01.13

v build 01.01 updated on Jan 02, 2005

Rename from ES Power Keeper 2.x, Add bookshelf to library, Add folder to bookmark keeper, Extend ESGo (internal search engine) from notebooks module to email, contacts and timesheet modules, Codes optimization

v 2.1.07 updated on Dec 22, 2004

Add encoding selector for saving web pages, Fix a layout problem in email module

v 2.1.06 updated on Dec 21, 2004

Add time tab to local folder of email module, Fix the photo page error of contacts module in v.2.1.05

v 2.1.05 updated on Dec 20, 2004

Code optimization in email module, Integrate backup/restore function of each module into an external database manager tool (go to Start - Tools - Database Manager), Add application login security function (go to Start - Option - Login Security) , Add shortcuts (Ctrl+left and Ctrl+right) for switching across web page tabs of browser module,

v 2.1.04 updated on Dec 16, 2004

Fix a possible window conflict in Email module

v 2.1.02 updated on Dec 11, 2004

Add treelist configuration for Notebooks, Email and Contacts modules (go to main form - Start - Option - Treelist Configuration), Now HTML editor supports editing/saving web page with framesets, Codes Optimization in Browser and Email modules

v 2.1 updated on Dec 06, 2004

Fix a error when close timesheet module Codes optimization Release record limit of book to 50

v 2.0.1130.0 updated on Dec 02, 2004

Code optimization for XP home and Win 2003 Server

v 2.0.1129.0 updated on Nov 30, 2004

Add importing address book from outlook200x Code optimization

v 2.0.1125.0 updated on Nov 26, 2004

Fix a bug in contact editor

v 2.0.1119.0 updated on Nov 24, 2004

Revise the security mechanism of backuping and restoring Books Fix a minor bug in Book Keeper

v 2.0.1116.0 updated on Nov 16, 2004

Add a Restore to initial button to desktop manager, help user to go back to the default theme of Power Keeper Add book restructuring function to Notebooks module, this will enable user to restructure/reorder category and subject trees of a book promotly than done in Notebooks module; we highly recommend it when do a heavy book restructuring work

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