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Version history for EventMeister shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 29, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Size: 4065 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   EventMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze Windows Event Logs. It will alert you to security issues and other critical events, facilitate archiving of log data and assist with analysis and meeting audit requirements.

v updated on Mar 23, 2011

- Updated email component. Can now send mail via a wider selection of servers and use SSL.

v updated on Nov 21, 2009

- Added new Date/Time tab to Event feed properties. Provides manual control over DST and timezone correction where needed (counters bugs in recent MS patches for Vista/Svr 2008) FIX - csv bug "Export to file". - licensing bug on PCs with registry issues. - date/time text parsing for 12 hr clock

v updated on Jul 20, 2009

- Automatic expansion of system error code placeholders in event log entries is no longer applied if the event message appears to contain a URL. - Microsoft changed the ordering of events returned by WMI in Vista and Server 2008 with service pack 2 to bring it back in line with earlier versions

v updated on May 08, 2008

- Raised cap on notification sensitivity from 10 to 70 - Updated installer (some improvements for Vista)

v 2.6.2 updated on Apr 26, 2007

- Added ability to change the text that is used to assign icons to event types. - Improved compatibility with hardware DEP on Vista.

v 2.5.5 updated on Sep 21, 2006

- Notifications can now fire when new items have not been seen within a certain time period. - Fix: Prevented rapid-fire poll failure notfications for event log feeds using "catch events as they arrive" method. - Changes to help ensure correct app/svc synchronization at registration time

v 2.5.1 updated on Aug 12, 2006

- Added ability to insert placeholders for feed name, computer name etc. directly into the subject line of emailed notifications. The placeholders are replaced with the appropriate value when the email is sent.

v 2.5 updated on Jul 01, 2006

- Added ability to set notification assignments while creating new feeds and editing exiting feeds - Can now force all displays and reports to use 24hr format (Configure menu)

v 2.4.1 updated on May 13, 2006

Fix: Changes to ensure that the service's copy of the aggregate feed definition is always up-to-date.

v 2.4 updated on May 02, 2006

- Major changes to make filtering and notification rules more powerful and flexible - Improvements made to reduce memory usage when handling logs that receive new items very frequently NOTE: This version changes the format for feed definitions. Please take a backup of your existing definitions prior to installing this update - instructions on how to do this are in the Help - see the section entitled "Backing up and Transferring Settings".

v 2.3.5 updated on Feb 28, 2006

- Improved date store file handling - Improved interface for aggregate feed creation. It's now possible to select multiple feeds to populate the aggregate definition more quickly. - Assorted UI improvements

v 2.3 updated on Nov 03, 2005

- Added facility for quickly copying settings from one feed to many others - Now preserves German "umlaut" and other language-specific characters

v 2.2 updated on Oct 02, 2005

- Added automated report generation for feeds. This is available only for licensed copies of the application. As this release changes the format of feed definitions, we recommend backing up your existing feeds prior to installing this update. Please see the section titled "Backing up and Transferring Settings" in the Help for more details. - Improved automated feed compaction - Improved scrolling behavior in filter dialogs

v updated on Aug 08, 2005

- Tray icon now automatically re-instates itself if Explorer is restarted. - Cosmetic changes

v updated on May 30, 2005

- Added support for non-standard characters in connection passwords - Improved validation for regular expressions.

v updated on May 03, 2005

- Added new dialog for viewing all fields of a single item, similar to Event Viewer's properties dialog. - Added presentation of login credentials for notifications that write to network shares/drives - Added the ability to store the data folder in custom location - see section of the Help titled "Backing Up & Transferring Settings" for details - Improved handling of damaged data stores - Reduced cpu utilization in front-end app for "catch events as they arrive" feeds

v updated on Apr 06, 2005

- User-defined grouping of feeds, with group enable/disable. - Logs produced by notifications can be emailed automatically according to user-defined schedule. XML logs can be converted to HTML report format if required. - XML type added for logs produced by notifications - Duplicate facility for Notifications - Full control over the text in email notifications (better for those using an email-to-SMS service) - Ability to easily transfer view settings (column selection, width ordering and filtering) to multiple compatible feeds.

v updated on Mar 22, 2005

- Fixed non-scrolling event log selection tree - List control displaying available computers now holds its current scroll position during network enumeration

v updated on Feb 07, 2005

- Ability to run as a service - Configuration options for optimisting EventMeister for various server conditions (Previously optimised for servers with small to medium sized Event logs)

v updated on Nov 29, 2004

Fix to ensure that icons are retained when installation is moved to different PC or a different account on the same PC: Adaptive timeout in Event Log Wizard when determining available logs; Added minimize to / restore from tray animation

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