FastReport History

Version history for FastReport shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 31, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.2
Size: 27101 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   FastReport VCL - a new generation of reporting tools. FastReport VCL is a report generator for giving your application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport provides all the tools you need to develop reports.

v 5.2 updated on Jan 25, 2015

Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 support; Added initial support of Lazarus for Fast Report 5; Added new export filter to SVG format; Added ability to reset object properties to parents in inherited report (whole report or single object)

v 5.1 updated on Nov 30, 2014

Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 support; Added OnGetCustomData/OnSaveCustomData events which allow to save; custom data inside report template(look new CustomReportData demo); Added OnLoadDetailTemplate event - used to load detail reports from other sources like data fields;

v 4.11 updated on May 27, 2011

+ added BIFF8 XLS export filter + added to ODF export the Language property + [enterprise] added "scripts" folder for additional units ("uses" directive in report script) + [enterprise] added logs for scheduler (add info in scheduler.log)

v 4.9 updated on Feb 08, 2010

ability to print/export transparent pictures (properties TfrxPictureView.Transparent and TfrxPictureView.TransparentColor) (PDF export doesn't supported) + added new "split to sheet" modes for TfrxXMLExport + added support of /PAGE tag in TfrxRichView

v 4.8 updated on Dec 08, 2009

+ added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 (Delphi/C++Builder) + added TfrxMailExport.OnSendMail event + [enterprise] added Windows Authentification mode + adedd checksum calculating for 2 5 interleaved barcode * [enterprise] improved CGI for IIS/Apache server

v 4.06 updated on May 12, 2008

+ добавлен новый тег , текст заключенный в тег не разбивается WordWrap, а переносится целиком + добавлена возможность "сортировать по имени" в дереве данных + добавлена возможность вывода страниц в предпросмотре справа налево (в режиме много страниц), для RTL языков

v 4.6 updated on Apr 17, 2008

+ added & , < , > to XML reader + added tag, the text concluded in tag is not broken by WordWrap, it move entirely + added ability to move band without objects (Alt + Move) + added ability to output pages in the preview from right to left ("many pages" mode)

v 4.5 updated on Dec 28, 2007

+ added ConverterRB2FR.pas unit for converting reports from Report Builder to Fast Report + added ConverterQR2FR.pas unit for converting reports from QuickReport to FastReport + added support of multiple attachments in e-mail export (html with images as example) + added support of unicode (UTF-8)

v 4.04 updated on Sep 24, 2007

+ added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 + improved speed of PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, ODS, ODT exports + added TfrxReportPage.BackPictureVisible, BackPicturePrintable properties + added rtti for the TfrxCrossView.CellFunctions property

v 3.23 updated on Jul 31, 2006

+ added save to stream possibility in Jpeg, Gif, Tiff, Bmp exports + added new control for page headers/footers mode selection in RTF export dialog + added new property TfrxRTFExport.HeaderFooterMode (you can select between hfText, hfPrint, hfNone - default is hfText) + [server] added property TfrxReportServer.WebServer + added property TfrxHTMLExport.EmptyLines * e-mail export now inherits the attachment file name from exports file name * update French resources * update Danish resources * update German resources - fixed bug in TIFF export (monochrome) - fixed bug in PDF export when Outline is empty and checked - fixed large font issues - some fixes for bar codes in PDF export - add-in components fixes (AV when open some projects) - fixed bug with preview (position of the page when resizing the window) - fixed bug with RichText objects intersection in RTF export - fixed bug with format of the float numbers in XLS export - fixed bug with export of barcodes with zoom more than two - fixed error when page number does not exist in page range in exports dialog - [server] fixed bug with ampersand in query parameters - fixed bug with XML export (XML Parsing Error) - fixed bug with HideIfSingleDataRecord

v 3.22 updated on Jun 05, 2006

+ added full TeeChart Pro support + added property TfrxHTMLExport.Centered in HTML export + added "Continuous" checkbox in RTF export dialog + added TfrxRTFExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters property + added TfrxCheckBox.UncheckStyle property + added property TfrxGroupFooter.HideIfSingleDataRecord + added text shift on non-zero char spacing in PDF export + added Croatian resources * update the main demo (ADO support, added new reports) * added the object name to the error message in some cases * TfrxGradientView is not exported in HTML, RTF, XLS formats * preserve object names when working with clipboard * improved HTML, RTF exports * improved XML, Excel exports (thanks for Bali) * increased timeout in E-Mail export * update Danish resources * update Portuguese resources - fixed bug with empty page in HTML export - fixed IIF bug - fixed bug with "ShowProgress := False" in XLS export - fixed bug in XML export - fixed error with reportsummary band - fixed memory leaks when script has errors - fixed shift issues - fixed brush style bsBDiagonal and bsFDiagonal in PDF export - fixed bug with incorrect codepage of TfrxRichView in RTF export - fixed bug with margins in PDF export - fixed bug with blobfields in bds2006 - fixed bug with stretched images - [server] fixed bug with reports cache - [server] fixed bug with Idle time leak - [server] minor bug fixes

v 3.21 updated on Apr 07, 2006

+ [server] added lot of properties in configuration file (config.xml) + [server] added CSV, BMP, GIF, TIFF output formats + [server] added caching of reports in memory * [server] changed format of configuration file (important! see details in server_changes.txt) * [server] property TfrxServer.Configuration is obsolete * [server] updated server/service demo * [server] modified log-writer, statistic, cache modules - [server] lot of minor fixes + added TfrxHTMLExport.UseGif property + added unicode support in HTML, "Rich Text" (RTF) and XML exports + added TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters and TfrxXLSExport.SuppressPageHeadersFooters properties; + added TfrxReport.OnPreview event + added TfrxReport.OnPrintPage event + [FQB] property fqbCore.UsingQuotes added for support of quoted field names + added Slovak language resources + added clipping in the preview + added TfrxPreview.BackColor, FrameColor properties + added printer fonts to fontname combobox + added transparency/backcolor to rich object + added TfrxDesigner.OnInsertObject Event * changes in the databand editor * "Pictures" checkbox changed to combobox (none/jpeg/bmp/gif) in HTML export dialog * "Styles" checkbox changed to "Continuous" in XLS and XML export dialog * bcb2006 compatibility * update Danish resources * update Dutch resources * update Brazilian resources - fixed bug with incorrect codepage detection for page navigator in HTML export - fixed bug with incorrect export of EAN barcodes (digits beyond of border were croped) - fixed incorrect page breaks in RTF export - fixed shift problem - fixed monochrome bitmaps stretching - fixed TfrxDateEditControl - fixed copying grouped objects - fixed vband&overlay error - fixed setting of printer parameters - fixed KeepFooter + aggregate functions - fixed TfrxADOTable.IndexFieldNames property - fixed ado query parameters - fixes in database/table/query wizard - fixed bug with font charset in RTF export - fixed preview painting bug - fixed bug with rich when no printers installed - fixed copies in dmp export - fixed rtf expression parser - fixed bug with mdi preview - fixed bug with RTL reading brackets in PDF export - fixed input chinese chars in dialog controls - fixed shift behavior - fixed bug with right align and non-zero charspacing in PDF export - fixed bug with underline in HTML export - fixed overlay+keeptogether bug - fixed bug with bcb5 (cannot use function with parameters) - fixed large font issues - fixed html tags

v 3.20 updated on Jan 07, 2006

+ improved RTF export + added handling font.charset (set to DEFAULT_CHARSET if you want unicode) + added EmptyLines property in XLS and XML export (if set to 'false' then all empty lines is eliminated, good for export without page breaks for output a solid table) + added ParagraphGap support in PDF export + enhanced speed and reduced output file size of PDF export + update German resources + update Turkish resources + added TfrxReport.OnBeforeConnect event + added ADO, IBX support in frf importer unit + added CommandTimeout property to ADO query + added pbExportQuick item in TfrxPreviewButtons set (PDF and E-mail export buttons in Preview) * AVG function now counts only non-Null values * RichView object is now WYSIWYG - [server] fixed bug with parameters in report refresh - fixed bug in RTF export with font style attributes - fixed bug with frames in PDF export - fixed paper size bug - fixed ParagraphGap in PDF export - fixed stack overflow error with report summary band - fixed error with dialog form - fixed big with TProgressBar property out of range on exports of blank page in HTML - fixed bug in PDF export with zero width/height of bitmap - [FS] fixed OLE Ecxeption message - fixed bug with checkbox object - fixed bug with datatree window - fixed error with chart datetime - fixed bug with inspector window in debug mode - fixed undo of password protected report - fixed some dataset problems - fixed ask save changes in designer - fixed PDF export (font color clNone looks as clBlack)

v 3.19 updated on Nov 07, 2005

+ D2006 ready + added separate frxTee package for TeeChart + added CJK Font support in PDF export + added frxHiButtons.pas unit (hi-color button images). Just add to your uses list. + added "Classes" tab to DataTree + added TfrxBarcodeView.WideBarRatio property - multi-thread fixes - fixed bug with cross+subreport - fixed bug with CloseDatasource = True - fixed bug in old-style cross - fixed bug in XLS(OLE) export with extra long text line - fixed bug in PDF export with non-TrueType fonts - fixed memo.loadfromfile - fixed bug with installer - fixed print report title twice - fixed startnewpage+reprintonnewpage - fixed char spacing in PDF export - fixed baClient align - fixed dot-matrix (designer, engine) - fixed app icon bug - FS: multithread fix - preview fixes - frf importer fixes

v 3.16 updated on Sep 08, 2005

+ added unicode support in TfrxMemoView + added GIF format export TfrxGifExport + added e-mail export (SMTP) TfrxMailExport + added new text export filter TfrxSimpleTextExport + added CSV export filter TfrxCSVExport + case sensitivity in C++Script + added X axis type option to chart object + added ability to use [] instead of <> (like in FR2.5) + [FQB] joins between fields of the compatible types + added TfrxDesigner default settings (font, paper, rtl, script language). + added TfrxDMPExport.OnTranslate event * changed rules of export a rich-text objects - fixed bug in server with single "pagenav" (Page Navigator) parameter - fixed picture.url bug - fixed bug in PDF export with horizontal/vertical lines - [FQB] fixed 'Control has no parent window' error in Delphi 5 - fixed bug in crosstab (wrong row/column sizes) - fixed baClient for page objects - fixed memory leak in Server mode - fixed TFMTBCDField bug (wrong sum calculation) - fixed bug with master-detail DBX

v 3.15 updated on Jun 30, 2005

+ added new wizards (db connection, table, query) + added FlowTo property for TfrxDMPMemoView + added Bulgarian resources + added FibPlus support (you should install Source\FIB\frxFIBx.dpk, dclfrxFIBx.dpk packages manually) + added ability to composite prepared reports. Example: frxReport1.PrepareReport; frxReport2.PrepareReport; frxReport1.PreviewPages.AddFrom(frxReport2); frxReport1.ShowPreparedReport; + added UseFileCache, DefaultPath properties in all export filters + improved PDF, XLS export filters * changed resources structure * changed DBX components to work with bidirectional dataset - fixed bug with copies collation - fixed bug with shifting horizontal lines - fixed DMPLineView.Align = baWidth behaviour - fixed bug with TfrxDBLookupComboBox (incorrect work with field aliases) - fixed bug with build list of avialable reports on the FastReport Server

v 3.14 updated on Jun 02, 2005

+ added FastQueryBuilder (button in SQL editor window) + added TfrxOverlay.PrintOnTop property + added TfrxDMPCommand component to print ESC-sequences. Use Command property to set sequence: DMPCommand1.Command := '#27#40' (alternate form '1B28') + added TfrxReport.OnRunDialogs script event. Use this event to handle report dialogs manually + added Description property to all report components + added "ExportNotPrintable" property in all export filters + added "Resolution", "SeparateFiles" properties in BMP, JPEG, TIFF export filters + improved TfrxHTTPClient RFC 2068 compatibility (when working with non-FastReport servers) * changed internal datasets behaviour, now they can be added to any report page without using dialogs * changed internal datasets architecture (common class TfrxCustomDatabase, QBuilder support) - fixed bug with brush styles - fixed bug in Report Server with fetch of report from the cache with equal variables - fixed bug in XML export filter with fkNumber format of the memo - fixed Outline bug in PDF export filter - fixed RTL (Hebrew, Arabic language) bug in PDF export filter - fixed resolution bug in TIFF export filter - bug fixes

v 3.12 updated on Apr 30, 2005

+ added TfrxReport.StoreInDFM property + added TfrxShapeView.Curve property + added TfrxReport.PreviewOptions.OutlineExpand property + added compatibility code in XLS export - TfrxXLSExport.FastExport property, set FastExport := False if you have OLE error with Excel + added TfrxXLSExport.PageBreaks property + improved XLS, PDF, HTML exports - fixed URLs and anchors feature in HTML export - fixed bug with font widths in PDF export - fixed bug PrintOnParent in exports (Enterprise) + added TfrxServerConfig.ReportsList property + added 'getvariable' URL parameter for query of internal server variables + added internal server variables SERVER_REPORTS_LIST, SERVER_REPORTS_HTML + added function TfrxReportClient.GetServerVariable(const VariableName: String): String; + improved TfrxReportServer performance + added NT service demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Service) + added online documentation in the Server demo - fully rewritten Advanced Client demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Client\Advanced) - changed reports in Server demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Server) - changed html files in Server demo (see project \Demos\ClientServer\Server) - bug fixes

v 3.09 updated on Jan 31, 2005

+ added packages for Delphi2005 + improved HTML export filter + added TfrxMemoView.Clipped property + added TfrxReport.OnAfterPrintReport event + added baClient to Align property + added Danish, Chinese resources + now you can use national chars in the script identifier names + added TfrxPDFExport.PrintOptimized property + improved speed of the Excel export filter + added log rotate function in Client/Server version - bug fixes

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