FastReport Studio 4 History

Version history for FastReport Studio 4 shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 08, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 4.8
Size: 11256 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Powerful, compact, and flexible report generator with visual report designer for business and developers to generate reports quickly and efficiently. All the tools you need for fast and professional reports.

v 4.8 updated on Nov 01, 2009

+ added ability to split big bands(biggest than page height) by default + added ability to use keeping(KeepTogether/KeepChild/KeepHeader) in multi-column report + added BDE engine + added DBX engine + added confirmation reading for TfrxMailExport

v 4.6 updated on May 27, 2008

+ added IfrxCheckBoxView interface + added encryption for password protected reports. Please, backup your password protected reports prior to use this version. + added property 'Visible' to IfrxComponent interface + added method SetGlobalVariable to IfrxReport interface

v 3.23b updated on Aug 08, 2006

- fixed bug with styles and numbers format in the XML export - fixed bug with continuous mode in the XML export - fixed bug with character height in PDF export - fixed aggregare error (comma in the field name) * update Portuguese resources - fixed compatibility with TLargeIntField - fixed bug with DefaultPath in XLS export+ added Charset property to IfrxFont interface + added OldStyleProgress property to IfrxReport interface + added new VB6 example of using ActiveX previews * ActiveX implemetation fixes - fixed bug with RichText objects intersection in RTF export + added IfrxCustomCrossView, IfrxCrossView, IfrxDBCrossView interfaces ! renamed elements of frxSeriesSortOrder enumeration due to naming conflict: soNone -> so_None, soAscending -> so_Ascending, soDescending -> so_Descending

v 3.22b updated on Jun 28, 2006

* updated documentation + added new control for page headers/footers mode selection in RTF export dialog + added Frame, ShiftMode, and Align proprty to IfrxView interface + added IfrxSubreport interface + added IfrxHeader interface + added IfrxFooter interface + added IfrxMasterData interface + added IfrxDetailData interface + added IfrxSubdetail interface + added IfrxDataBand4 interface + added IfrxDataBand5 interface + added IfrxDataBand6 interface + added IfrxPageHeader interface + added IfrxPageFooter interface + added IfrxColumnHeader interface + added IfrxColumnFooter interface + added IfrxGroupHeader interface + added IfrxGroupFooter interface + added IfrxChild interface + added IfrxOverlay interface + added VB6 demo which shows how to use FindObject method, TfrxADODatabase and TfrxADOQuery objects + added IfrxStretcheable interface + added C# demo for Master/Detail relations for ADO objects + added IfrxChartAxis interface + added new types of TeeChart series + added new C# example: MailExportDemo. This example demonstrates how to use TfrxGzipCompressor and SendMail method of IfxrBuiltinExports interface. + added TfrxGzipCompressor object. + added timeout property to TfrxADOQuery + added timeout properties to TfrxADOConnection + added new C++ TeeChart demo + added new C# TeeChart demo + added new VC++ Crosstabs demo * updated CreateReportObject and CreateReportObjectEx methods of IfrxReport interface * IfrxReport->IfrxPrintOptins->PageNumbers sets the range of pages for print and export * updated TeeChart to version 7. * e-mail export now inherits the attachment file name from exports file name * update Danish resources * update German resources * preserve object names when working with clipboard * improved HTML, RTF exports * improved XML, Excel exports (thanks for Bali) * increased timeout in E-Mail export * update Danish resources * update Portuguese resources - fixed bug with export of barcodes with zoom more than two - fixed error when page number does not exist in page range in exports dialog - fixed bug with XML export (XML Parsing Error) - fixed bug with HideIfSingleDataRecord - fixed bug with empty page in HTML export - fixed IIF bug - fixed bug in XML export - fixed error with reportsummary band - fixed memory leaks when script has errors - fixed shift issues - fixed brush style bsBDiagonal and bsFDiagonal in PDF export - fixed bug with incorrect codepage of TfrxRichView in RTF export - fixed bug with margins in PDF export - fixed bug with stretched images

v 3.21b updated on Apr 06, 2006

+ added new VB6 demos: Pictures,UserDataset and Dynamic report. + added IPersistPropertyBag interface to TfrxPreviewX ActiveX object + added Delphi for .NET example - keep reports in database + added IfrxRichView interface + added new Delphi for .NET demos (DataSetDemo and StreamExample) + added unicode support in HTML, "Rich Text" (RTF) and XML exports + added clipping in the preview + added printer fonts to fontname combobox + added transparency/backcolor to rich object * initial support of VB6 events * modified C# Pictures example: Now it shows pictures from a demo table. * modified C# StreamExample: Now it demonstrates how to keep reports on database server. * added streaming methods to IfrxPictureView interface * changes in the databand editor * "Pictures" checkbox changed to combobox (none/jpeg/bmp/gif) in HTML export dialog * "Styles" checkbox changed to "Continuous" in XLS and XML export dialog * update Danish resources * update Dutch resources * update Brazilian resources - fixed C++ ActiveX demo - fixed method SelectDataset of IfrxReport. - fixed 'Size' property of the .NET Stream warapper - fixed IfrxReport::SelectDataset method. Corrected behaviour for deselection (Selected = false). - fixed IfrxComponent::FindObject method. It does not throw exception anymore in .NET environment - fixed ADO DataBase property of ADO Query and ADO Table. Now it can be set to zero. - fixed bug with incorrect codepage detection for page navigator in HTML export - fixed bug with incorrect export of EAN barcodes (digits beyond of border were croped) - fixed incorrect page breaks in RTF export - fixed shift problem - fixed monochrome bitmaps stretching - fixed copying grouped objects - fixed vband&overlay error - fixed setting of printer parameters - fixed KeepFooter + aggregate functions - fixed ado query parameters - fixes in database/table/query wizard - fixed bug with font charset in RTF export - fixed preview painting bug - fixed bug with rich when no printers installed - fixed copies in dmp export - fixed rtf expression parser - fixed bug with RTL reading brackets in PDF export - fixed input chinese chars in dialog controls - fixed shift behavior - fixed bug with right align and non-zero charspacing in PDF export - fixed bug with underline in HTML export - fixed overlay+keeptogether bug - fixed large font issues - fixed html tags

v 3.20b updated on Jan 10, 2006

+ added interface IfrxFont. + added IfrxFrame interface + added IfrxDisplayFormat interface + added method ResetDataSet into IfrxDataBand interface + added support of NET streams + fixed OnSaveReport event (added SaveAs argument) + added IfrxShapeView interface + added C# example of OnLoadreport and OnSaveReport events. + added OnLoadreport and onSaveReport events to IfrxDesignerEvents interface + added IfrxPage interface and GetPage enumerator for IfrxReport + improved RTF export + enhanced speed and reduced output file size of PDF export + added ParagraphGap support in PDF export + update German resources + update Turkish resources * AVG function now counts only non-Null values * RichView object is now WYSIWYG * lot of fixes and small updates * fixed IfrxMemmoView interface (added lot of properties - align, color, and etc) * modified OnSaveReport event of TfrxDesigner * property EnableLoadSaveEvents of IfrxDesigner interface splitted to EnableLoadEvent and EnableSaveEvent * updated C++ demo Variable (added lot of comments and emo report changed) * updated C# DataSetDemo example - fixed bug in AddVariable method of TfrxReport interface - fixed bug in RTF export with font style attributes - fixed bug with frames in PDF export - fixed paper size bug - fixed ParagraphGap in PDF export - fixed stack overflow error with report summary band - fixed error with dialog form - fixed big with TProgressBar property out of range on exports of blank page in HTML - fixed bug in PDF export with zero width/height of bitmap - fixed bug with checkbox object - fixed bug with datatree window - fixed error with chart datetime - fixed bug with inspector window in debug mode - fixed undo of password protected report - fixed some dataset problems - fixed ask save changes in designer - fixed PDF export (font color clNone looks as clBlack)

v 3.19b updated on Nov 17, 2005

+ added new Delphi for .NET demo + added new C# demo: Report client for FastReport Server + added new C# demo: Picture - shows how to use IfrxPictureView interface + added new interface IfrxPictureView + improved interface (new buttons, splash and startup window) + added scheduler service (you can schedule your report and receive it by e-mail) + added configuration utility + added context help in designer (F1 key) + added method LoadPreparedReportFromStream(IStream *) to TfrxPreviewX + added method SavePreparedReportToStream(IStream *) to TfrxReport + added new interface: IfrxDataBand * fixed C++ demos: variable demo, callback demo * updated C++ thread_test demo * updated C# DataSetDemo: added FrxDataSet class * updated C++ DynamicReport demo * updated: Method CreateReportObject() of IfrxReport interface has been changed in accordance to new requirements * updated Visual FoxPro demo * updated C# DataSetDemo: added FrxDataView class + sorting example

v 3.16b updated on Sep 08, 2005

full Unicode support and wizards for even simpler and more comfortable automatic report generating and also built-in visual SQL-query builder for databases are worth mentioning.

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