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Version history for FireScope BSM:BE shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Aug 20, 2008) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.0.1
Size: 501409 KB
OS: Win NT/2000/XP/Vista
Description:   Slash your IT costs and improve IT reliability and performance! FireScope Business Service Management, Business-Edition (BE) delivers all the capability of expensive monitoring solutions from the Big-4, at a fraction of the price and complexity.

v 3.0.1 updated on Jan 19, 2009

Completely redesigned Enterprise Service Bus architecture capable of processing metrics and events 3x faster than previous . versions. All new reporting engine that's so easy and fast, you may actually volunteer to write complex reports. "Spaces", an . all new feature that lets you organize and share your dashboard pages. Usability improvements throughout as we continually . push the envelope of ease of use.

v 2.1.6 updated on Aug 21, 2008

FireScope BSM version 2.1.6 introduces a collection of interface enhancements, many of which are based on suggestions . from current users. These enhancements include more fine-grained control of each user's dashboard pages, more extensive . use of AJAX for instant sorting and filtering of large data sets, and easier to configure Custom Maps. Users with current . maintenance and support contracts will be automatically updated based on their upgrade configuration. . . Dashboard Enhancements. 1. Slideshow - Users can now have all of the pages of their Dashboard displayed in a slideshow format. Each page is cycled . through automatically with timing determined by the auto-refresh rate configured in by that user's profile. . 2. Re-order pages - Users now have the ability to re-order the pages displayed in the Dashboard. . 3. Clone page - Pages can be cloned to duplicate formatting, layout and content display. This makes it easier to create a . large number of similar pages. 4. Import/Export Pages - The layout and page content configuration of a user's dashboard pages can now be exported and . imported, simplifying the process of getting new users up and running with their own dashboards. . Introduction of FireScope Grid. FireScope Grid is a jQuery plug-in developed by FireScope and publicly offered as an open source project - . - that adds datagrid behaviors to tabular data. This plug-in enables users to . page through large data sets, dynamically filter by any column or sort on the fly without need to refresh the entire page. . . This plugin has been integrated wherever applicable within the FireScope BSM interface, including Dashboard pagelets and . Configuration pages. The following is a list of the pages within FireScope that have been enhanced with the FireScope Grid . component. . Custom Maps. The process of configuring Custom Maps has been simplified with the ability to drag-and-drop points for precise adjustments . of their location on the map. Additionally, the interface for configuring Custom Maps has been redesigned to improve . usability of this feature. . Related Metrics. When viewing the Last 10 Policy Events, shown in the right-hand sidebar in Service Management, Configuration and . Administration sections of FireScope, clicking on a policy event will produce a menu with an option entitled 'View Related . Metrics'. Clicking on this link will display all attributes that are used in determining status of the selected policy, enabling . faster root-cause analysis and visibility into how individual metrics impact other metrics and policies. . Visual Control View. Within the Service Group menu, the Visual Controls link is a new feature addition. This page displays all Visual Controls . associated with a specific Configuration Item, which is selected in top navigation bar. . . Historical Trend View. Historical Trend View is another new feature addition in version 2.1.6, and is found in the Service Management section of . FireScope BSM. This feature is designed to enable users to compare the values of attributes over two periods of time for . insight into trending performance. . Google Map. The Google Maps feature has received extensive enhancements in both Business- and Enterprise-Editions. Among these . enhancements are:. - Multiple Google maps now supported in BSM: Enterprise-Edition (EE). - Google map now available as a pagelet which can be added to dashboard pages. - Google map link has ability to store and display URL link and text links. This can include links external to FireScope BSM, . such as web-based management interfaces, knowledge base or support websites. - Google map export and import ability has been enabled for BSM:EE. Please note that importing map information from a . different FireScope BSM instance may not transfer Logical Group, Service Group, Policy or Trigger Group configuration. . Business Availability for Policies. Individual Policies can now be flagged as 'Business Availability Policies'. This signifies that when the policy is in violation, . this service is no longer serving the business. For example, in the case of a web server farm, if the network becomes offline, . the web server is no longer benefiting the business. This is particularly useful for environments with multiple SLA's for each . service, yet want to make a single SLA identifiable as the primary. . Service Group Status. The Service Group Status pagelet is a new feature addition in version 2.1.6, and provides an at-a-glance overview of . Service Group status based on Business Availability policies. If any Policy marked as Business Availability fails or if all . Policies fail, then the Service Group will be marked as failed (Red) and the failed Policies will be listed; else the Service . Group is marked as ok (Green). . Wiki (Enterprise-Edition Only). A Wiki interface has been added to offer true collaboration throughout the entire application. Every time a Service Group is . created a new Wiki entry is automatically created for that group. . . Shared Calendar (Enterprise-Edition Only). A shared calendar has been added to allow users to see all scheduled events. This allows full collaboration and real-time . communication for all User Group members. Security of shared calendars is based on User Group membership. .

v 2.1.4 updated on Aug 20, 2008

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