FlowChart.NET History

Version history for FlowChart.NET shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 31, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 6.4.1
Size: 43833 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   The FlowChart.NET component adds to applications the ability to create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees.

v 6.4.1 updated on Sep 05, 2016

scrollbars in TableNodes; FreeFormNode now applies glass effects; TreeViewItem.Brush property; PdfExporter supports page hyperlinks; TreeViewNode.ShowLines property;

v 6.4 updated on Mar 23, 2016

FreeFormNode shows free-form drawing; convert free-form drawings to ShapeNodes; LinkLabel edit events; improved TableNode column and row resize; fix for TreeViewNode scrollbar;

v 6.3.4 updated on Dec 14, 2015

OpenStreetMap support in MapNode; vertical scrolling in EditComponent; FromPage and ToPage print settings; undo / redo records for in-place edit; improved speed when dragging large groups; digitally-signed assemblies included;

v 6.3.3 updated on Sep 07, 2015

resize table columns and rows; show QR, UPC and EAN barcodes in nodes; SvgNode supports non-scaling strokes; KeepInsideDiagram node constraint; improved dash-frame default colors;

v 6.3.2 updated on Apr 14, 2015

VisioNodes display Visio stencil shapes; improved EllipsisCharacter text trimming; Visio import/export improvements; LicenseKey disables evaluation mode; TabbedDiagramView.MaxTabSize property;

v 6.3.1 updated on Dec 01, 2014

improved arrowhead rendering; Shape.LinkSegmentInset property; improved rendering speed; improved VisioExporter speed; several rotation-related fixes;

v 5.6.3 updated on May 30, 2011

CompositeLayout multi-level graph layout algorithm; improved alignment in FlowchartLayout branches; OrthogonalLayout improved to create less link bends; DisableMirroring constraint prevents users from flipping a node;

v 5.6.2 updated on May 18, 2011

define shapes using Visio-like formulas; define shapes through GraphicsPath objects; support for nodes with non-uniform size in SpringLayout; improved symmetry in SpringLayout;

v 5.6.1 updated on Mar 23, 2011

the swimlane grid can be exported to Visio; PdfExporter supports radial gradients; VisioImporter can import attributes from shape masters; improved SVG parsing speed; new events for CompositeNode components;

v 5.4 updated on Sep 28, 2010

swimlane layout class; Export diagrams to WMF format; PdfExporter and SvgExporter improvements; text formatting improvements;

v 5.3.5 updated on Jun 03, 2010

support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4; Toolbox Installer tool; Id property added to DiagramItem; shadows can be painted using any brush type; improved PathGradientBrush support;

v 5.3.4 updated on Apr 21, 2010

support for custom arrowheads; intermediate arrowheads for Bezier links; distinct arrowhead brushes; improved ShapeDesigner;

v 5.3.3 updated on Dec 08, 2009

SvgNode improvements; Adjustment handles styling; route links while their incident nodes are being modified;

v 5.2.1 updated on Apr 16, 2009

PathFinder improvements; styled text improvements; automatically distribute links among node's anchor points;

v 5.2 updated on Mar 13, 2009

Orthogonal graph layout algorithm; Circular graph layout algorithm; lane grid extensions;

v 5.0.2 updated on Dec 28, 2007

laying out unconnected subgraphs so that the diagram covers a minimal area; OrthogonalLayout supports nodes of different sizes; OrthogonalLayout can handle a much larger number of links; it is no longer required to use the World unit to scale fonts when zooming

v 5.0.1 updated on Nov 06, 2007

Hyperlink support in SvgExporter and PdfExporter; flowcharts and process diagrams layout algorithm; LayeredLayout can arrange the diagram links orthogonally; the AnnealLayout performance has been improved; VisioExporter now supports containers

v 5 updated on Sep 21, 2007

Document/View architecture; Support for custom diagram item types; Containers; Orthogonal graph layout; Now all drawing is done through the IGraphics interface, for which the control provides GdiGrahics, SvgGraphics and PdfGraphics implementations

v 4.3.1 updated on May 07, 2007

VisioExporter improvements

v 4.3 updated on Apr 26, 2007

support for shape libraries; support for swimlane diagrams; ShapeListBox control; a new brush type - PathGradientBrush; mouse button mapping; more precise hit-testing for multiple-selection

v 4.2 updated on Aug 01, 2006

Export diagrams to PDF format; Simulated Annealing graph layout algorithm; new constraint properties added to NodeConstraints

v 4.1 updated on May 19, 2006

Export diagrams to DXF format; Image and ImageRectangle properties added to the ShapeTemplate class; The PathFinder class can ignore the direction of arrows when looking for paths; Now users can change the orientation of cascading arrows interactively;

v 4.0.4 updated on Mar 30, 2006

the VisioImporter can import UML Activity diagrams;ExportTablesAsGroups property added to VisioExporter; RoundedArrows allows using arcs as joins between arrow segments; FitSizeToText can preserve the width/height of a box; ToolTipDelay property added

v 4.0.3 updated on Feb 22, 2006

HtmlBuilder can create image map areas for Arrow objects; HtmlBuilder can create areas for expandable nodes' +/- buttons; CaptionBackBrush property added to the Table class; TableSectionExpanded and TableSectionCollapsed events added

v 4.0.2 updated on Jan 16, 2006

can run under stricter Code Access Security settings; fixes a selection handles visualization bug

v 4.0.1 updated on Dec 19, 2005

DirtyChanged event added; CopyToClipboard can copy groups to the clipboard; GridSizeX and GridSizeY properties replace GridSize; IncludeItemsIfIntersect property added to the Selection class; ToolTip property added to the AnchorPoint class;

v 4 updated on Dec 05, 2005

rotation of shapes; spanning cells in tables; expand or collapse sets of consecutive table rows; export to SVG

v 3.2.3 updated on Oct 10, 2005

import and export Visio XML Drawing files

v 3.2.2 updated on Aug 15, 2005

added assemblies for the .NET Framework version 2; aligning arrows to node edges; custom drawing and hit testing of selection handles; routing algorithm optimized

v 3.2.1 updated on Jul 04, 2005

Link routing improvements; Tables can be custom painted; Print preview improvements

v 3.2 updated on Apr 28, 2005

Node modification constraints; Displaying arcs over link crossing points; Custom-painting of arrows

v 3.1.3 updated on Mar 14, 2005

Clustered layout; SpringLayout speed improved; ChartObject.Weight added; Overview.DisplayText added

v 3.1 updated on Jan 31, 2005

Styled text formatting; Clipboard operations; Grid graph layout; Ruler control; Enhanced print preview

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