FlowChartX control History

Version history for FlowChartX control shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 17, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 4.9.2
Size: 7094 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   FlowChartX is an ActiveX control that helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees.

v 4.9.2 updated on Feb 15, 2016

resize table columns and rows; collapse / expand hierarchies of Table nodes; ExportString method added to SvgExporter; LicenseKey property disables evaluation mode;

v 4.9.1 updated on Aug 25, 2015

64-bit import/export classes; export classes moved to main dll; highlight table rows; ArrowLabel.BackColor property; improved arrowhead rendering;

v 4.9 updated on Nov 30, 2014

resize multiple nodes simultaneously; DecisionLayout class for arranging flowcharts;

v 4.4 updated on Apr 29, 2011

Simulated Annealing graph layout algorithm; limit number of link bends in LayeredLayout; TrackingRectColor property added to Overview; more precise text measuring in GDI+ mode;

v 4.3.1 updated on Jun 24, 2010

support for Business Process Management notation; filled decoration elements in ShapeTemplates; InplaceEditCancelOnEsc and InplaceEditAcceptOnEnter properties;

v 4.3 updated on Mar 05, 2010

graph layout enhancements; Decoration objects; Container enhancements; arrow and table custom drawing;

v 4.2.1 updated on Jun 08, 2009

circular graph layout algorithm; the LayoutProgress event lets you track the progress of layout algorithms; flowchart items can be cloned using their Clone method;

v 4.2 updated on Dec 09, 2008

native 64-bit support; improved binary serialization; XML serialization based on MSXML6; table cell tooltips; custom label position for Arrow objects;

v 4.1.4 updated on Apr 26, 2007

the GDI+ rendering engine has been optimized; VisioExporter improvements; FlowChart.VariantTag property added;

v 4.1.1 updated on Sep 20, 2006

rounded arrow segment joins; loading images from an http server; now VisioImporter can import UML activity diagrams; BeginInplaceEdit and EndInplaceEdit methods added to Table

v 4.1 updated on Jun 13, 2006

associate images with shape templates; DecorationColor property added to boxes; Shape decorations can be rendered for Transparent boxes; users can change the orientation of cascading arrows; new arrows can be routed while users draw them

v 4.0.1 updated on Mar 21, 2006

table sections can be expanded or collapsed; SelectionOnTop specifies if selected items are painted on top; GetArrowAt method added; memory usage decreased with about 50 bytes per diagram item

v 4 updated on Feb 20, 2006

shapes can be rotated; spanning table cells; logical measure units; grid graph layout; export SVG drawings

v 3.2.4 updated on Dec 12, 2005

anchor points for tables and table rows; defining custom printer paper sizes; tooltips for arrows

v 3.2.3 updated on Oct 02, 2005

import and export Visio 2003 XML Drawing files; PaperSize property allows choosing printer paper size

v 3.2.2 updated on Sep 05, 2005

optimized SpringLayout; CellTextColor property; printing a range of pages; HitTestPriority property; custom drawing and hit testing of selection handles

v 3.2.1 updated on Jul 11, 2005

Link routing improvements; Customization of links text style

v 3.2 updated on May 30, 2005

radial tree layout; clustered graph layout

v 3.1.1 updated on Mar 21, 2005

move direction constraints and size constraints can be applied to nodes

v 3.1 updated on Feb 21, 2005

HTML image map generation; Arcs in shape definitions; Enhancements in undo/redo; Arrow routing enhancements; Ten new predefined shapes; Rounded tables; IntersectsNode method

v 3.0 updated on Jan 11, 2005

GDI+ graphics engine;LayeredLayout automatic layout;More image file formats supported;Unconnected arrows;XML serialization;Overview control

v 2.5 updated on Nov 17, 2004

Styled text formatting; Panning; Variant tags; Safe for scripting mode

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