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Version history for Full Convert Enterprise shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 06, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.8
Size: 9658 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases. atabases supported: Access, dBase, FoxPro, Excel documents, Interbase / Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Paradox, SQL Server, Delimited text files, XML.

v 5.8 updated on Dec 07, 2010

Added support for Excel cells containing very large text blocks, Added support for creating new Access 2007-2010 databases, Added a progress dialog when refreshing target database, as with large databases it takes some time

v 2.9 updated on Aug 31, 2006

Added per-session options. You can now choose to convert schema only, append data, skip indexes etc. without setting this up for all tables separately at the Table Setting dialog. Enterprise only. Reading tables in chunks is now off by default in Enterprise. This maximizes speed, and users who convert huge databases can always turn this on to avoid big memory load. Added ability to apply prefix to indexes and constraints, not only to tables. This is handy when loading several copies of the database into the same target database. Added support for BCD datatype in Paradox Added auto-refresh every 3 seconds in the Scheduler task list Improved support for LONG datatype in Oracle Fixed parsing of tables in MySQL. Views were treated as tables, now they are ignored. Fixed Paradox reader, in rare cases table reading was ended prematurely Fixed a situation where SQL Server target in certain rare circumstances mixed blob text/binary attribute Fixed reading of NUMERIC datatype from DBF source. It was converted into DOUBLE, and now is marked as DECIMAL of correct precision as scale. Fixed reading of CURRENCY datatype from the Access source. It was converted into DECIMAL, and now is marked as MONEY. Fixed exception when "override_file" command line parameter was invalidly specified in Enterprise Fixed non-initialized NULL values when using Oracle fast loader Fixed hiding of the Welcome Dialog - the option in question was ignored

v 2.8 updated on Jul 15, 2006

Fixed Interbase/Firebird huge tables reading by chunks in Enterprise Fixed Oracle option to change (N)CLOBs to (N)VARCHARs Relaxed conditions to be able to take advantage of Oracle fast loader. Now (N)CHARs and (N)VARCHARs can be used as well. Oracle target now (again) uses internal fast loader as default. You can enable standard inserts in Options dialog.

v 2.6 updated on Jul 04, 2006

ODBC support fully rewritten. It is now much faster and very reliable. Changed Table Settings behavior - global name changing options are applied even when user has defined table settings - to allow easy global uppercasing or similar situation Added character set translation in Enterprise to Paradox reader in addition to DBF Added parsing of FoxPro DBC file to allow for long field names In Enterprise version, added ability to override session connection parameters using command line switches or using external file Mapped minus character in table names to underscore character for Oracle target License info now displays whether it is single user, site, or worldwide license MySQL table engine is now by default preserved when converting to MySQL (as a backup for example) Added default username to use when specifying MySQL connections - default is "root" Added ability to overwrite index names during schema parsing. This is useful when you have indexes with same names, target databases mostly do not support that. Added support for Oracle ROWID datatype Added trimming of trailing spaces in the DBF source strings Full Convert now adds size to index column when target database is MySQL and column in question is BLOB. This can happen when source VARCHAR results with target TEXT datatype for example. Size is customizable in Options dialog. Oracle target now uses standard inserts with append hint as default. You can enable internal fast loader in Options dialog. Oracle and Interbase/Firebird target schemas are by default now created as case-insensitive. This overrides name transforms settings in Options, unless it is set to case-sensitive, in which case global options are applied. Saving log files now prompts whether to overwrite if the file already exists Fixed occasional failure to override blanks in not-null fields when Oracle direct loader is used Fixed incorrectly calculated memo length in dBase7 reader Fixed occasional invalid trimming of column names in Oracle constraints Fixed occasional invalid display of accented character in built-in data grid Fixed invalid interpretation of Integer columns as autoinc in DBF reader

v 2.4 updated on May 10, 2006

Advanced table settings added to Session wizard in Enterprise version. Ability to override default conversion parameters on table and column level. Direct Oracle fast loader is now turned on by default. It enables tenfold speedup compared to traditional SQL inserts, but is not used for tables containing blobs. Added support for FoxPro and dBase over OLEDB, for customers who want to connect this way. This has to be turned on in Options. MySQL target is now able to dynamically reorder colums and add index if needed for auto_increment columns to work. Also, only the first auto_increment column will keep this property, all the others will have this property reset because of MySQL's limitation of one autoinc column per table. Added ability to specify default database folder in Options dialog Added check for online updates (latest version) DBF reader now recognizes field nullability, hidden fields and autoinc fields DBF reader now parses CDX files to support translation of indexes Session saving is now enabled in trial Fixed reset of Options on cancelling of Options dialog Fixed handling of MySQL indexes' column length Fixed handling of MySQL fulltext indexes Fixed bug in trial where 5 records test mode was sometimes ignored and test mode was forced to 5 columns mode

v 2.3 updated on Mar 30, 2006

Added creation of unique constraints to Interbase/Firebird tables where needed for foreign key recreation Added creation of unique constraints to Oracle tables where needed for foreign key recreation Added support for Oracle timestamp data type Fixed handling of Interbase/Firebird tables containing quotes in their name Fixed handling of Interbase/Firebird BLOB sub types Fixed parsing of MySQL tables containing spaces in their name Fixed reading of Oracle float type precision

v 2.1 updated on Feb 28, 2006

Added character set conversion in Enterprise version (experimental, available only for DBF source in this version) Further speedup of SQL Server bulk insert mode Speedup of dropping tables in SQL Server and Access targets Multiple identity columns in source are now detected and modified so that only first one stays identity (for targets that do not support multiple identity columns per table) Fixed case changing behavior in table and column name modifier to support characters with accents Integer types in Oracle target are now converted to NUMBER type (not FLOAT anymore). NUMBER has precision set according to size of Integer type. *.fcs (Full Convert session) files are now associated with Full Convert on install Fixed case where invalid date in DBF record caused entire record to be rejected Fixed Access relationship parsing error where differently named local and related columns were swapped Fixed behavior when scheduled to run as System account Fixed handling of Oracle CLOB columns Fixed display of Oracle database in tree list to be user@service, not user@server Now using quotes in Oracle target only where needed

v 2.0 updated on Jan 27, 2006

Total user interface redesign Overall conversion speed improvements Added welcome dialog to speed up common tasks Added built-in scheduler to enable fully automatic conversions Improvement of Paradox source handling (increased speed, startup time of table data reading reduced to zero, minimal and constant memory consumption even for huge tables) Merged Paradox and FoxPro engine to minimize confusion of users as both engines use DBF files Added interception of NULL values in Interbase/Firebird primary key columns, as primary key columns can only be NOT NULL. Default values are inserted to avoid Interbase/Firebird exceptions. Best fit for data displayed in grid can now be limited for small tables only (configurable in Options) Options improved Improved logging speed of field validations errors (such as invalid dates) Improved update of progress dialog for tables with huge blobs where database can handle only a few records per second Improved Oracle target speed when table doesn't contain BLOBs Delimited text file no more requires character columns to be enclosed in parentheses. VARCHAR is now default field type, used when no other type passes validation rules. SQL sent to database is flushed before it reaches 1MB in size to avoid problem with typical setup of MySQL and BLOBs. Fixed dropping of Access tables (dependant foreign key constraints were not dropped correctly) Fixed detection of Access autoincrement columns Fixed detection of Access referential integrity rules (on update/on delete) Fixed a bug where Oracle FLOAT data type used digit instead of binary precision, resulting in less precision than desired Fixed detection of Interbase/Firebird primary keys

v 1.9 updated on Sep 11, 2005

Interbase/Firebird Edition introduced! Added XML support Separated conversion into 4 stages (create tables, transfer data, create indexes, apply constraints), so that data is always transferred, even if it does not conform correctly to unique indexes and constraint rules All targets now save referential integrity constraints Added support for ON DELETE and ON UPDATE rules Added error return code so scheduled conversion can trap errors Interbase/Firebird now handles both SQLDialects 1 and 3 Improved compatibility with Oracle 8.x (which does not support multibyte characters) Improved conversion of default values You can now select tables of any user in Session Wizard for Oracle source Improved Oracle connection dialog so server and port can more easily be defined Improved responsiveness of Cancel button in progress dialog License keys should now work also with most exotic characters in our customers' names :) SQL Log no longer takes up memory during conversion Fixed case where some Excel sheets were not displayed as tables Removed delay on typing SQL Server connection server name (network was polled for existing SQL Servers too often) Improved detection of invalid data in source database Removed 'Professional' and 'Standard' versions as such. 'Standard' versions are no more supported, and 'Professional' are simply Editions.

v 1.8 updated on Jun 20, 2005

Performance much improved in SQL Server target Improved progress dialog Added Oracle target option: Long text columns are now by default converted to VARCHAR(4000), because Oracle limits table structure to have only one LONG column per table Added detection/handling of multiple same columns defined in index Fixed incorrect detection of Excel print areas as sheets Fixed cancelling in memory optimized mode

v 1.7 updated on Jun 06, 2005

Added optimized memory mode for huge tables (tens of millions of records) to Enterprise version. This mode slows down conversion a bit, but uses small memory footprint. Fixed MySQL partial index recognition Fixed invalid handling of SQL Server timestamp column Fixed conversion of strings containing ASCII value of zero characters. They are now replaced with spaces allowing SQL to be executed properly. Fixed occasional Interbase/Firebird server list error Fixed truncating of decimal values to 2 decimal places Fixed unicode column types detection in databases not supporting unicode Fixed numerous Access target bugs Fixed ignoring of MySQL table type option - InnoDB was always used.

v 1.3 updated on Dec 20, 2004

Adedd ODBC support, SQL commands log, conversion summary, error log, bugfixes

v 1.2 updated on Dec 06, 2004

Full support for MySQL 4.1, Added FoxPro support, Oracle dialog now supports authentication mode selection and lists available services, option to prepend prefix to target table, option to change case of tables and columns...

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