G-Lock Email Processor History

Version history for G-Lock Email Processor shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 25, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.2.7
Size: 33973 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   G-Lock Email Processor provides you with the ability to develop a set of rules that determine how you want to process your incoming messages. It runs as a system service on your PC.

v 3.2.7 updated on Nov 30, 2014

Added: “Do not backup processed emails” option to Backup/Restore. Added: application/json and application/jsonrequest content type in the HTTP request component. Fixed: issue with the scheduler (checking time). Fixed: issue with multiple form variables in the HTTP Request component.

v 2.5 updated on May 04, 2011

Added: Inbox Explorer. Added: "Check Account Manually" mode to the Account settings. Added: ability to process emails from Yahoo IMAP folders. Added: ability to set the number of simultaneous IMAP connections for the IMAP account. Added: "Fields Processor" component.

v 2.0 updated on Dec 07, 2010

Added: new interface Added: ability to start the program as a service Added: ability to process emails from IMAP accounts Added: ability to process emails from accounts which require SSL connection Added: ability to extract data blocks from emails

v 1.98 updated on Mar 06, 2006

Version 1.98 Added: ability to save the message attachment under a new name in the Save Attachment action. Fixed: case insensitivity didn't work in the Field Extractor.

v 1.96 updated on Nov 22, 2005

Version 1.96 Added: ability to have more than one "Select from database" action within the same rule. Added: "Autojump to Log when the rules are executed" and "Show the alert window if no rules are selected" options to the General settings.

v 1.95 updated on Oct 11, 2005

Version 1.95 Fixed: word wrap in the Additional Header Fields in the Send Email action. Fixed: "Reconnect after processing xx messages" option in the Account settings. In some situations the program didn't reconnect to that account after xx messages had been processed. A few small fixes and improvements.

v 1.92 updated on Jul 07, 2005

Version 1.92 Fixed: memory leak when using MS Windows Script action in the rule. Fixed: the program created temp files in the default C:WINDOWSTEMP directory that caused conflict issues with the other applications and services. Now no temp files are created in that directory. Changed: order of executing actions within the rule. No matter how you place the actions, they are executed in this order: MS Windows Script Database Manager Write to File Save Attachment Forward Email Send Email

v 1.90 updated on Mar 23, 2005

Version 1.90 Added: new Save Attachment action that allows saving the email attachments to the disk. Added: new Body With Text Attachment field to the Source drop down menu in the Field Extractor that allows extracting the fields from the message body and text attachment. Improved work with a foxpro database through ODBC SQL.

v 1.80 updated on Nov 25, 2004

Version 1.80 Added: Smart Email Search option in the Bounced Emails Processor. Added: new field Account Name to the Source drop down menu in the Field Extractor. Added: ability to set the time interval for the account autocheck in seconds (see Connection screen in the Account settings). To set the time in seconds, enter a minus (-) before the number. Example: -30 means the account will be automatically checked every 30 seconds. Added: ability to reorder the rules in My Rules section. To move a rule up or down, select it, and holding down Ctrl button on the keyboard, press Up/Down arrow button. Changed the order of executing the rules. Now the rules are executed in the top-down order in My Rules section.

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