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Version history for HelpNDoc shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 11, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Size: 18414 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Full-featured help authoring tool, easy and powerful, producing HTML help files, CHM, PDF, Word, iPhone, ePub, Kindle and QtHelp documentation from a single source. Write help topics in the built-in word processor, hit the Generate button: it's done!

v updated on Feb 06, 2016

Generate cross-platform Qt Help documentation files; Quick hyperlink auto-completion; New scripts; Better topic editor; Enhanced Word, PDF and Kindle output

v updated on Jan 22, 2016

Generate cross-platform Qt Help documentation files; Quick hyperlink auto-completion; New scripts; Better topic editor; Enhanced Word, PDF and Kindle output

v updated on Sep 14, 2015

Quickly insert hyperlinks and library items with keyboard shortcut; Variable overriding in builds; Log to file command line option; New scripting methods; Windows 10 support; Various enhancements and fixes

v updated on Mar 04, 2015

New template editor for CHM, HTML, ePub and Kindle documentation formats; Better hyperlink generation; Better documentation generation; Speed enhancements; Various enhancements and fixes

v updated on Dec 02, 2014

New editable breadcrumb navigator; Better CHM decompiler; Enhanced overall performance; Better CHM and HTML generation; Enhanced generation logs; Multiple enhancements and bug fixes

v updated on Sep 28, 2010

Initial addition of the library container to manage Flash files; Local and distant flash files export to HTML and CHM documentation; Saving to read-only files didn't work and didn't warn about it; Better table merging algorithm in the topic editor; Speed increase; Enhanced RTF table import

v updated on Aug 10, 2010

Import of existing compiled CHM Help files; Word and HTML generators now defines the titles' outline level; Better C/C++ code generator; Better RTF and HTML importing; Various editor enhancements and bug fixes

v updated on Jul 06, 2010

Bug with word documentation generator

v updated on Jun 24, 2010

New project wizard; Import existing compiled CHM help file table of content; Generate HHP project files; Anchors get passed in HTML help; Project properties now display scroll bars; HTML import could create incorrect picture size; Various topic editor small enhancements

v updated on Apr 03, 2010

Relative links are now consistent in all generated documentation; Greatly reduced HTML compilation time for big projects; PDF generator did draw anchors as empty space; Better HTML anchor import; Fixed HTML documentation JavaScript error in some conditions; Fixed Word generator

v updated on Feb 02, 2010

Improved JavaScript search engine with multiple words search and syntax highlighting; Enhanced HTML and Word importers which correctly sets up hyperlinks and anchors; Rewritten PDF generator anchor and image generation; Refined used interface; Various bug fixes

v updated on Dec 10, 2009

Added PDF font embedding configuration; Left and Right floating images support; Improved spell checker; Fixed 32-bit PNG image handling; Various optimizations and enhancements

v updated on Sep 07, 2009

Extended Table of content; Collapsible HTML table of content; Advanced PDF output with encryption, compression and page layout; Insert / remove page break; Search engine can now handle numeric characters; Optimizations and bug fixes

v updated on Jun 19, 2009

PDF generator creates the documentation's table of content; HTML documentation generator outputs the project Keywords; Spell checker button wasn't always enabled; Fixed the check for updates link; Access violation in some rare conditions when exporting Word and PDF documents;

v 1.16 updated on Oct 06, 2008

New options for CHM export; CHM Topic HTML file wasn't standard compliant; Added the silent command line switch; Better Windows Vista compatibility; Default font was not correctly saved; Tweak and bug fixes

v 1.15 updated on Aug 20, 2008

Fixed Keyword index; Fixed Specific links to relative topics; Fixed command line mode; Tweak and bug fixes

v 1.14 updated on Jun 12, 2008

Configurable HTML export name; Smart popups in the topic editor; Bug fixe with topic images; Better PNG handling; Tweak and bug fixes

v 1.12 updated on Jan 14, 2008

HTML Help topics will now launch the table of content; Fortran 90/95 code generator; Enhancements and bug fixes

v 1.9 updated on Apr 04, 2007

Live spell checker could take 100% CPU time on certain condition; Support of relative URLs when exporting; Interface layout is now saved between sessions; Various bug fixes

v 1.8 updated on Mar 17, 2006

Live spell checker can now be disabled; Auto generation of context number; Copy of topics; Fixes for accentuated characters; Various new features and bug fixes

v 1.7 updated on Feb 02, 2006

Better Unicode compliance; Improved command line; Bug fixes and interface enhancements

v 1.6.1 updated on Nov 11, 2005

Icon export fixed; Ctrl-A fixed; Memory leaks fixed

v 1.6 updated on Nov 02, 2005

New navigational hyperlinks, improved hyperlinks window, new shortcuts, bug fixes...

v 1.5 updated on Sep 19, 2005

HTML Export + Development language constants generation + Bug fixes...

v 1.4 updated on Aug 08, 2005

Speed and size enhancements; Anchors support; Improved link window; Bug fixes

v 1.3 updated on May 30, 2005

Considerably faster loading, saving and searching; Possibility to change table of content's font; Detailed hints for nodes; Bug fixes

v 1.2 updated on Apr 20, 2005

New compressed file format; Import HTML, RTF, DOC, WRI, TXT files; Better find and replace; Command line compiler; Better CHM generation; Bug fixes...

v 1.1.1 updated on Mar 07, 2005

Topic name containing quotes prohibited project from being loaded

v 1.1 updated on Feb 21, 2005

Variables support, faster export, better html helpworkshop detection, balloon hints fix, various bug fixes

v 1.0 updated on Dec 11, 2004

First public release

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