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Version history for Hide My Windows shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 06, 2008) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 1.11
Size: 901 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Hide My Windows software for quickly hiding windows without closing applications. The name of the program clearly describes its purpose - that's bringing the freedom to people under control.

v 1.11 updated on Mar 25, 2011

Improvement. Hide all windows except active with mouse movement; Bugfix. Access violation during start. Filters list will be cleaned after upgrade, don't forget to restore them manually; Desktop icons will disappear, along with windows;Foreground window looses focus after "Show all".

v 1.9.8 updated on May 19, 2009

* Correct work with "Close Apps" hotkey * Extended size for keystroke field (for Germany keyboards) * If hotkey is "None" then it replaced with default value * Additional timeout for apps termination added * Dublicate of autorun records are removed

v 1.9.7 updated on Mar 31, 2009

* Hide Active Window after use does not add name of hidden window in filter list.

v 1.9.4 updated on Nov 27, 2008

* Performance improvements for Flash games. * Bug Fix: Mouse operations (hide in area, hide in corners) does not work in trial version (Thanks to Yann!) * Bug Fix: Taskbar (on some Windows versions only tray bar) flashing when mouse stay in corner or hiding area then windows already hides.

v 1.9.3 updated on Sep 30, 2008

1. Design improvements (based on user stories). 2. Small changes in protection engine (Better support of Vista icons extracted from host applications). 3. Some fixes for compatibility issues with anti-viruses.

v 1.9.2 updated on Aug 18, 2008

1. Anti Time Tracking Tool improved. 1.1. Selection from active windows list added. 1.2. Reaction time increased.

v 1.8.1 updated on Jul 06, 2008

Network bug fixes (version gateway, wrong connection errors handling)

v 1.6.1 updated on Mar 03, 2008

No Visible windows in list bug fixed

v 1.6 updated on Feb 22, 2008

* New process management engine decrease memory usage to 1.5 MB in background mode and brings better performance. * 2 bugfixes for Vista - "Access denied" problem solved for default filters list, "Black" bars in grids also fixed.

v 1.5 updated on Feb 07, 2008

* Operating windows in tray - Can be disabled in options. * Disable updates notification option added. * Tab order in Options windows fixed. * Wrong position of notification windows on multiscreen fixed.

v 1.4 updated on Jan 23, 2008

* Hotkeys deactivation. * Close Browsers Hotkey. * Manage browsers to close (add specific, delete, activate or deactivate specific * New Updater.

v 1.3 updated on Jan 06, 2008

1. Visible windows list. 2. Create filter from visible windows list. 3. Close owner applications of hidden windows. 4. Unlocking mouse on hide of windowed or fullscreen game (e.g. Counter-Strike, Half-Life). Usually when DirectX or OpenGL game minimized application

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