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Version history for IconUtils shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 27, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.45
Size: 15372 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Once you have installed IconUtils on your computer, you will be able to create and edit icons, toolbars, gif buttons, convert image files of various formats, download icon libraries from the Internet and even more; all you need in one tool!

v 5.45 updated on Sep 05, 2016

Improved: Ability to import PNG8 images with alpha channel; Added: Ability to import icons from 64-bit DLLs.

v 5.42 updated on May 25, 2015

Ability to set parameters for "Disabled Image" effect. Ability to create 768x768 icons for Windows 10. Support for PNG-encoded 1024x1024 Mac OS X icons. Full current file path in a program title.

v 5.40 updated on Apr 14, 2015

Added: Ability to export base64 PNG images

v 5.38 updated on Nov 30, 2014

Added: support for SVG, AI, PDF images; support for 1024x1024 Mac OS icons; ability to extract images from Android APK files.

v 5.14 updated on May 12, 2010

IconLover changes: Added: Ability to add image files from folders with subfolders Updated: Icon download database

v 5.11 updated on Feb 21, 2010

IconLover changes: Added: Ability to add image files from folders with subfolders

v 5.10 updated on Jan 11, 2010

Ability to create ICNS icons for Mac OS Leopard

v 5.00 updated on Sep 24, 2009

IconLover changes: Added: Windows 7 support Added: Aqua effect Added: Ability to combining multiple images into a single icon Added: Ability to change background color in a library mode

v 4.24 updated on Aug 01, 2008

New icon editing effects: Circle Mask, Hot Version.

v 4.23 updated on Apr 17, 2008

Ability to extract 256x256 images from Vista icons

v 4.2 updated on Dec 07, 2007

Added: full support for 32-bit icon collections

v 4.18 updated on Oct 09, 2007

Added: support for 16-bit icon collections under Windows Vista

v 4.17 updated on Jul 02, 2007

Ahaview can now: convert images to TIFF and XPM formats, combine images into one icon, crop images.

v 4.16 updated on Apr 04, 2007

Feedback option

v 4.12 updated on Sep 28, 2006

Added: Support for semi-transparent TGA images

v 4.11 updated on Aug 12, 2006

Ability to import and edit animated GIF images.

v 4.10 updated on Apr 06, 2006

Ability to make TGA images for PDA devices. Support for Unicode characters. Ability to customize file type icons.

v 4.0 updated on Jan 30, 2006

Support for Windows Vista icons. Ability to draw smooth lines and shapes. New effects. New color selection tools. Ability to print icon images.

v 3.0 updated on Aug 15, 2005

You can download icons from the Internet, extract icon images from ZIP and RAR archives, make stylish icons from your images.

v 3,0 updated on Aug 02, 2005

You can download icons from the Internet, extract icon images from ZIP and RAR archives, make stylish icons from your images.

v 2.21 updated on Apr 28, 2005

Ability to convert Mac OS (Apple) icons to Windows format.

v 2.20 updated on Feb 28, 2005

AhaView changes: support for JPEG 2000 format, support for TIFF format, support for Portable image formats (.ppm, .pgm, .pbm), ability to print images, ability to create icons from images, ability to rotate images, program interface. ArtIcons Pro changes: French, Spanish, German, Turkish and Serbian interfaces are apdated. Any to Icon changes: ability to store converted files in the source folder.

v 2.12 updated on Jan 27, 2005

Color replacement. Hue/saturation effect. Support for PCX and TIFF format. Icon converters can create multi-resolution icons.

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