iPod2PC History

Version history for iPod2PC shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 17, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 4.2
Size: 1788 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   With iPod2PC you can easily sync your songs and playlists from your iPod back to your iTunes music library or to any folder on your PC. It supports automatic synchronization, which will search and select all missing songs and playlists automaticall.

v 4.2 updated on Dec 16, 2014

Improved compatibility with iTunes 12

v 4.1 updated on Dec 02, 2014

Minor issues fixed

v 3.9.2 updated on Aug 15, 2007

+ Improved: Windows Vista compatibility

v 3.9.1 updated on May 07, 2007

+ Some small fixes and improvements

v 3.9 updated on Apr 26, 2007

+ Fixed: in rare cases the log contained invalid information

v 3.5 updated on Sep 13, 2006

+ Improved: scanning of playlists when WinAmp was used with the iPod

v 3.4 updated on Jul 19, 2006

+ Fixed: Write error to log/settings-file when installed on iPod with enabled "Auto-Update"

v 3.3.1 updated on Jun 20, 2006

+ Some small minor improvements

v 3.3 updated on Jun 05, 2006

+ Improved: Reading iPod data + Fixed: Sometimes songs can't be copied when using eastern language locale settings in Windows + Fixed: The Installer did not show version number + Fixed: Exception when starting iPod2PC multiple times

v 3.2 updated on May 13, 2006

+ Fixed: Install on iPod not working + Fixed: Issue when reading playlist data + Fixed: Wrong message when scanning and iPod is empty + Improved: Messages in logfile

v 3.1 updated on Apr 28, 2006

+ Fixed: log file reports sometimes nothing was copied + Fixed: if import fails no result in log file saved + Improved: generating file names

v 3.00 updated on Mar 28, 2006

+ Transfers your playlists + Improved interface for easy use + Runs in limited user accounts

v 2.71 updated on Feb 20, 2006

Fixed: Error message "Call rejected by callee" when interacting with iTunes. Added: Searches your iTunes music folder. Added: When iPod is set to "Auto update songs & playlists" it must be ejected before importing songs in iTunes.

v 2.70 updated on Jan 30, 2006

+NEW: Import from My Rating +NEW: Import from Play Count +Fixed: Bug when importing songs in iTunes. +Fixed: Play Counts and Ratings where not shown correctly when browsing/searching. +Fixed: Bug when checking checkboxes in the "Copy"-column

v 2.50 updated on Jan 10, 2006

+ NEW: Automatic import of transferred files in iTunes

v 2.15 updated on Dec 19, 2005

+ Added: Online Update feature

v 2.14 updated on Nov 20, 2005

+ Fixed: Error when collecting the Unicode information from songs.

v 2.13 updated on Nov 07, 2005

+ Fixed: Error when resizing the Copy column. + Fixed: Error when clicking in an empty Copy column.

v 2.12 updated on Sep 28, 2005

+ Fixed: In some rare cases song scanning failed.

v 2.11 updated on Aug 29, 2005

+ Fixed: Disc Number (if present) was not used when generating file names. + Fixed: Information panels are now maximized by default, sometimes not all controls where visible.

v 2.10 updated on Jul 20, 2005

+ supports iTunes 4.9 and Podcasts, + small Interface improvements

v 2.02 updated on Jun 20, 2005

+ In some rare situations scanning for song information failed --> fixed, + Shows now "Play Count" and "My Rating" from songs

v 2.01 updated on Jun 06, 2005

Shows now info after copying even if user cancelled, Shows question dialog before copying, Shows size of actually copied song and whole rest to copy, Space-key toogles checkbox "Copy" in song list

v 2.00 updated on Jun 01, 2005

+Completely rewritten from scratch +Support for ALL song formats on iPod, not only MP3 +Collecting song information is 60 times faster then before +Support for Unicode

v 1.10 updated on Mar 14, 2005

New --> iPod2PC now also works with the iPod Shuffle

v 1.01 updated on Feb 14, 2005

Fixed --> If songs contains unvalid ID3-data about lenght of Tag (or frames) scanning was stopped.

v 1.00 updated on Jan 17, 2005

First public Beta-Version

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