Finance Explorer History

Version history for Finance Explorer shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Apr 30, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 8.1.0
Size: 622 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Personal finance software compatible with MS Money and Quicken downloads so you can download your transactions from almost any bank. Includes a budget. Handles an unlimited number of different types of accounts. Download stock quotes from the web.

v 8.1.0 updated on Sep 29, 2016

Transactions report now accepts wildcards.

v 8.0.0 updated on Nov 02, 2015

All versions of OFX now supported. Data is now saved under the user's app data directory instead of under Program Files (existing installs will continue writing to Program Files for backwards compatibility). Improved CSV export. Location of the database can now be specified in the .ini file.

v 7.3.2 updated on Aug 13, 2015

Fixed crash that could occur when the time zone was greater than UTC.

v 7.3.1 updated on Jul 01, 2015

Fixed formatting of some currency columns in the grid.

v 7.3.0 updated on Jun 09, 2015

The database is backed up on program start. A log file is created if there is a crash.

v 7.2.0 updated on May 04, 2015

Notes increased from 50 to 255 characters. Reliability improvements.

v 7.1.0 updated on Mar 04, 2015

Fixed help not launching in portable edition. Added filter by categories to transaction report. Investment quantity supports decimals now. Help has been moved online. Improved error message if errors are encountered on startup.

v 7.0.0 updated on Dec 01, 2014

Reporting has been added.

v 5.1.3 updated on Jun 02, 2011

Fixed: When updating quotes, the investment totals were not getting updated.

v 5.1.2 updated on May 25, 2011

Fixed: When there are many transactions, some of them would not show in the grid.

v 5.0.3 updated on Jan 19, 2011

Fixed some data entry and validation issues.

v 4.2.1 updated on Jun 24, 2010

Fixed issue with exports where in some rare cases the transaction ID was incorrect.

v 4.2.0 updated on Mar 05, 2010

Added link to forum on the home view. Ampersands in OFX files are now correctly decoded.

v 4.1.1 updated on Nov 19, 2009

All account types are now on the home view.

v 4.1.0 updated on Nov 04, 2009

Stock quotes added to the home view. Miscellaneous improvements.

v 4.0.1 updated on Jul 15, 2009

Improved handling of errors and fixed issue with copying budget categories that contained quotes.

v 3.1.3 updated on Dec 26, 2007

Eliminated flickering when clicking on the grid.

v 3.1.1 updated on Nov 08, 2007

Fixed issue running on Windows XP without SP2.

v 3.1 updated on Sep 27, 2007

Added support for themes in Window XP and above (Windows Vista, etc.)

v 3.0.4 updated on Jun 13, 2006

Improved QIF import.

v 3.0.3 updated on Mar 06, 2006

Budget print would sometimes not print all lines.

v 3.0.2 updated on Feb 03, 2006

Minor fix.

v 3.0.1 updated on Sep 30, 2005

Minor fix.

v 3.0 updated on Jul 25, 2005

New: export, printing. Choose which accounts to include in budget. Improved support for importing multiple accounts in QIF format. Details tooltip on budget. Show actual as well as budgeted total for each group.

v 2.5.2 updated on Jun 27, 2005

Accept decimals in interest rate column. Removed incorrect message about context menu.

v 2.5.1 updated on May 30, 2005

Improved grid.

v 2.5 updated on Apr 30, 2005

Added more menu shortcuts. Fixes.

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