Mono-a-Mono History

Version history for Mono-a-Mono shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jun 14, 2007) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 4.2
Size: 573 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Mono-a-Mono removes scratches and tape or surface noise from stereo recordings of mono sources. It can be used to enhance digital recordings of old records, audio tapes, or even cylinders, provided only that they are digitised in stereo.

v 4.2 updated on May 18, 2011

Bug fix in click detector and reorganised GUI. Increased time limit in trial version to 30 seconds.

v 4.1 updated on Sep 28, 2010

Adjusted range of controls to be a bit more mutually-consistent. Improved time resolution.

v 3.1 updated on Jan 02, 2010

Improved sensitivity of click detector and quality of the click suppression algorithm. Added drag'n'drop to list of files to be processed. Output folder can now be set to 'same as input' for files in different folders. Updated wxWidgets GUI library and NSIS installer.

v 3.0 updated on Dec 05, 2009

Added control to maintain original signal level; Improved signal processing algorithms; Tiny cosmetic change.

v 2.13 updated on Nov 27, 2008

Extended presets to provide a 'wizard' interface; simplified and improved click detection.

v 2.11 updated on Jul 04, 2008

Added: vocal remover function, preset control values, support for vertical-cut recordings, multiple file selections for preview and list removal.

v 2.6 updated on Jan 10, 2008

Added control of preview duration, improved handling of recordings with silent lead-in, upgraded NSIS installer to version 2.34.

v 2.5 updated on Dec 21, 2007

Added preview function and equalisation controls, added a proper help button, improved default noise reduction parameter range for classical recordings, updated NSIS installer to fix problem with Win9x, updated wxWidgets library.

v 2.4 updated on Nov 16, 2007

Improved click removal parameters, replaced previous executable packer, small bug fix.

v 2.3 updated on Oct 22, 2007

Reduced price, added rumble filter, saved configuration between sessions, improved noise weighting, fixed a start-up bug, updated NSIS installer and wxWidgets library.

v 2.2 updated on Sep 19, 2007

Added install/uninstall support. Small quality improvement.

v 2.0 updated on Jul 17, 2007

Added adjustable low-pass filter and support for Sun/NeXT audio files.

v 1.8 updated on Jun 14, 2007

General tidy-up of code and licensing agreement

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