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Version history for Parsnips shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 02, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 1.5
Size: 1094KB
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Description:   Parsnips enables you to drag and drop text from various locations -- including Web pages, files, e-mails and instant messaging sessions -- to the application. Later, you can use Parsnips' Google-like search engine to find desired items.

v 1.5 updated on Jul 04, 2005

- Improved the HTML parser that is used for extracting text from web pages. Now captured web pages no longer show javascript or style sheet information in the text. Also improved error handling so you don't get extraneous ">" characters in the text. - Implemented Services on Mac OS X. You can now use the Services menu in another application to send the application's selection to Parsnips. - Added "Tip Windows" that are shown before executing certain non-obvious commands. These tips explain a bit about what the command does. Each tip window had a checkbox to prevent it from being shown again. - Better "Quick Start" information is now displayed in the Results Pane when there are no items in the database. - New preference for setting the main window's background color. By default Parsnips now has a non-standard background coloe. You can turn this off in the Preferences. - In previous versions, if you had an item you were editing then and did an operation that diplayed a new item, you would be shown a dialog with choices to Cancel or Discard Changes. in the new version you are also given the option of saving the changes before proceeding. - In previous versions, many operations such as saving or deleting an item would revert you to showing all items. Now we try to keep the current search parameters and just upate the changed item. - You can now Command-click a file:// URL in the text of the Display Pane to have it opened by the application that natively handles that file type. Previously his only worked for http:// based URLs. - When requesting web pages, the user-agent is now set to "Parsnips". - Changed the wording and button order in the License dialog to be more clear. - If you had an unsaved change to an item and then clicked a different item (or did a search), you are to there are unsaved changes. If you cancel and then save the changes, you will get two copies of the item, one before the save and one afterwards. This bug has been fixed. - Fixed problem where non-html files referenced via HTTP always had the "text" extracted from them even if they were binary files. - Eliminated some screen flashing that occured when paging up and down through the results list. - When running under Mac OS X 10.2.x, fixed a problem where a "phantom window" was shown when the main windows was closed. - When running under Mac OS X 10.2.x, we no longer use a "Brushed Metal" main window type.

v 1.4 updated on May 10, 2005

-Added "More Like This" functionality. When an item is displayed, you can click the "More Like This" button and a search will be performed to find other items similar to the one selected. - You can now place a "Send to Parsnips" bookmarklet in your browser's bookmark toolbar. It will send the currently displayed page to Parsnips for indexing. - Added a Home button that returns to showing all items in the Results list. - Added Backwards and Forwards buttons to navigate backwards and forwards amongst past searches. - Changed the default search operator from OR to AND. Now the search "Bob Dobbs" will be interpreted as "Bob AND Dobbs" rather that Bob OR Dobbs". This is the same as a Google search works. - Holding down the Option or Alt modifier key while deleting an item will cause the deletion to happen immediately without asking for confirmation. - The Import Bookmarks... command can now read and import Safari's proprietary bookmark format. - Improved the speed at which the keyword list is displayed when clicking on the keyword button. - Improved the performance when displaying the results list. - The "Clear Items" in the search field dropdown no longer clears the current search text.

v 1.3 updated on Feb 28, 2005

New Icons and screen layout Keyword manager to see what keywords have been previously used Ctrl-clicking a URL in the Display pane now opens the UTL in a browser Several bug fixes Fixed documentation to explain wildcars searches

v 1.2 updated on Jan 02, 2005

Added Close command to close main window Double-click and drag now selects words at a time Fixed bug in wild card searches Adjusted print margins

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