PhotoSort History

Version history for PhotoSort shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Apr 20, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2.46
Size: 1489 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   PhotoSort is a duplicate picture finder. It has a beautiful and intuitive interface and the engine is so smart it will not only locate identical copies or pixel for pixel duplicates, but also photos that are different, but essentially the same!

v 2.46 updated on Sep 18, 2015

Fixed cache compatibility bug

v 2.45 updated on Feb 12, 2015

Improved memory handling; Language selection bug-fix; New translation: Portuguese

v 2.40 updated on Dec 02, 2014

Improved Browse For Folders dialog; Improved Move To Folder action; Menu reorganization; Reduced program size; French translation update; A minor bug fix

v 2.00 updated on May 24, 2011

Among other changes: completely new user interface, support for 23 more digital camera models, twice faster RAW photo loading

v 1.56 updated on Dec 24, 2009

Added support for another 31 digital camera models (354 models are now supported)

v 1.50 updated on Mar 15, 2008

Built-in basic picture viewer; Greatly improved cache speed; Added support for another 19 digital camera models; Minor interface improvements; A minor bug fix

v 1.45 updated on Oct 22, 2007

Added progress indicator for picture deleting and moving; Added TIFF file support; Up to 3 times faster image loading; Added support for another 18 digital camera models; A few bugs fixed

v 1.40 updated on May 02, 2007

Unknown changes

v 1.35 updated on Apr 23, 2007

Unknown changes

v 1.30 updated on Aug 12, 2006

Unknown changes

v 1.25 updated on Mar 28, 2006

Unknown changes

v 1.20 updated on Nov 15, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.15 updated on Sep 21, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.10 updated on Jul 13, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.00 updated on Apr 20, 2005

Unknown changes

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