Poker Mavens History

Version history for Poker Mavens shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 06, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.00
Size: 3117 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Poker Mavens is Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker software that lets both friends and strangers play against each other over the Internet or home network. The software consists of a Windows server module that serves a free HTML5 clien to any web browser.

v 5.00 updated on Aug 10, 2016

new release

v 4.47 updated on Mar 15, 2016

bug fixes

v 4.46 updated on Mar 06, 2016

bug fixes

v 4.45 updated on Jan 15, 2016

bug fixes

v 4.44 updated on Dec 23, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.43 updated on Oct 01, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.42 updated on Sep 07, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.41 updated on Aug 25, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.40 updated on Jul 01, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.39 updated on May 25, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.38 updated on Apr 14, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.37 updated on Mar 15, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.36 updated on Mar 04, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.35 updated on Jan 18, 2015

bug fixes

v 4.34 updated on Dec 01, 2014

bug fixes

v 2.90 updated on May 18, 2011

Bug fix

v 2.88 updated on Mar 23, 2011

Bug fixes

v 2.87 updated on Dec 07, 2010

Bug fixes

v 2.86 updated on Sep 28, 2010

Bug fixes

v 2.85 updated on Aug 10, 2010

Bug fixes

v 2.84 updated on Jul 26, 2010

Bug fixes

v 2.83 updated on Jun 15, 2010

Bug fix

v 2.82 updated on Apr 26, 2010

Bug fix

v 2.81 updated on Apr 22, 2010

Buy-in dialog changes

v 2.80 updated on Feb 23, 2010

New features + bug fix

v 2.78 updated on Nov 23, 2009

Bug fixes

v 2.76 updated on Nov 07, 2009

Bug fixes

v 2.51 updated on Jul 22, 2009

fixed caching issues

v 2.33 updated on Feb 23, 2009

bug fixes

v 2.25 updated on Dec 24, 2008

new rake and audit features

v 1.11 updated on Aug 22, 2006

bug fix in betting slider

v 1.10 updated on Jul 25, 2006

added remote start feature

v 1.04 updated on Feb 20, 2006

bug fix

v 1.03 updated on Jan 24, 2006

side pot bug fix

v 1.02 updated on Nov 15, 2005

shutdown confirmation

v 1.00 updated on Sep 06, 2005

Unknown changes

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