Printer Activity Monitor History

Version history for Printer Activity Monitor shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jul 12, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.9
Size: 68081 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Printer Activity Monitor is a complete solution for monitoring printer usage and lowering your company's printing budget overall. It generates complete reports of all printing done and provides a reliable, centralized solution.

v 3.9 updated on Sep 28, 2010

1)Print Rules was added. Now it is possible to define rules that allow or disallow printing for a certain user or for a group of users based on rich set of parameters. 2)Archiving process of outdated printed documents was improved 3)Issue with incorrect recognizing of paper size was fixed

v 3.8 updated on Jun 24, 2010

1)Printed Documents Filtering Rules was added 2)Several issues with Oracle database was fixed 3)Several issues in reports generation process was fixed 4)Incorrect export of the list of printed documents to file was fixed

v 3.7 updated on Mar 19, 2010

1)Added possibility to preview the printed document before final printing out. This feature is available from virtual printer dialog 2)Fixed several issues in agent operating in "Client Side Monitoring" mode 3)Fixed memory leaks in Data Center service 4)Console icons were completely revamped

v 3.6 updated on Dec 31, 2009

1)A new column("Version") has been added to the "Agents Management" page. It contains version of the agent installed on a computer 2)Process of removing of outdated printed documents snapshots has been optimized 3)Agent install and uninstall speed has been optimized

v 3.3 updated on Jun 27, 2009

1)Now it is possible to control the actual state of the data storage: size on disk, records dates range, etc; 2)Now it is possible to preview a printed documents snapshots in the main program window; 3)Installation package size has been reduced

v 3.2 updated on Jun 01, 2009

1)now it is possible to search text in printed documents; 2)now it is possible to control processor resources allocation on agent; 3)now it is possible to watch the actual state of the data storage: size on disk, number of records, etc; 4)fixed several small bugs;

v 3.0 updated on Mar 19, 2009

1)multitier architecture allows installing all program units on different computers; 2)two operation modes of the agents: on the users’ computers and on print-servers; 3)supports SQLite, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL as data storage; 4)browsing images of printed documents;

v 2.0 updated on Jul 12, 2006

1) added the support of remote PAM agents 2) added the application for viewing printed documents 3) a feature to monitor new properties of the printed documents: "Printing Type" (B/W, Color) and "Page Size" was added 4) now the program checks if there is a second running copy of the program

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