Rapid PHP 2016 History

Version history for Rapid PHP 2016 shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 02, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 14.0
Size: 32.36 Mb
OS: Windows
Description:   Quick, lightweight and very powerful PHP editor that combines features of a fully-packed PHP IDE with unmatched speed. Rapid PHP is the most complete all-in-one software for coding PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with integrated debugger and other tools.

v 14.0 updated on Apr 25, 2016

* New GUI and window docking system * Goto anything for instant navigation * Improved text editor * Improved HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP support * Improved FTP/SFTP support * Improved preview * Over 100 smaller fixes and new features

v 13.3 updated on Sep 17, 2015

* Improved text editor * Improved HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP support * Fixed W3 validator integration * Improved find and replace * Improved FTP/SFTP support * Various fixes and improvements

v 13.0 updated on Dec 14, 2014

* Improved text editor * Improved HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP support * Updated preview features * Improved find and replace features * Improved framework support and new frameworks * Improved plugin support and new plugins * Improved FTP/SFTP support * Various fixes and improvements

v 12.3 updated on Nov 30, 2014

* Updated auto complete * Updated preview features * Updated SQL features * Updated JavaScript support * Updated HTML and PHP support * Improved find feature * Improved FTP/SFTP support * Various fixes and improvements

v 10.2 updated on Jul 01, 2010

* Improved text editor * Improved find in files * Improved 64-bit Windows compatibility * Improved interface

v 10.1 updated on Dec 07, 2009

Improved text editor Improved project publishing

v 9.52 updated on May 19, 2009

* Varios improvements

v 9.5 updated on Mar 13, 2009

* Improved JavaScript support * Improved File Explorer * Varios fixes

v 9.4 updated on Jan 14, 2009

* Improved File Explorer * Improved text editor

v 9.2 updated on Oct 07, 2008

* Improved PHP debugger * Improved code editor

v 9.0 updated on May 01, 2008

* Secure FTP support * Re-wamped, faster File Explorer * Code templates * HTML Tag block highlighting * Highlighting of missing brackets * Existing tag editing via dialog windows * Realtime PHP syntax check * Improved Auto complete * Language Browser * Over 100 other changes

v 8.3 updated on Dec 21, 2007

* Improved code collapse * Improved editor

v 8.2 updated on Oct 09, 2007

* Improved Editor * Improved multi-monitor support * Improved code-collapse feature

v 8.1 updated on Aug 15, 2007

* Improved PHP Auto Complete * CSS Formatter

v 8.0 updated on May 21, 2007

* PHP debugger * Improved PHP Auto Complete * Built-in automatic webserver for easy PHP preview * CSE Validator support * Support for MySQL 5.0, Firebird 2.0 * Replace now supports regular expressions * Improved CSS editing features

v 7.3 updated on Oct 02, 2006

* Improved text editor * Improved Find and Replace * Improved color selector

v 7.2 updated on Jul 04, 2006

* Improved UTF-8 support * Improved text editor

v 7.1 updated on May 19, 2006

* Built-in FireFox preview * Improved UTF-8 support * Improved auto complete

v 6.3 updated on Oct 10, 2005

* Auto backups * Unix text format support * Improved interface

v 6.2 updated on Aug 29, 2005

Some of the improvements and new features: * Improved Find and Replace in Files * Improved Text Editor * HTTPS server preview support * Various fixes

v 6.1 updated on Jun 20, 2005

Some of the improvements and new features: * Multi-line Find and Replace in Files * PHP 5 support * New syntax highlighting features * Various fixes

v 6.01 updated on May 10, 2005

Some of the improvements and new features: * New look and feel, better interface * New, much more flexible File Explorer * Auto complete for HTML and CSS parameter values * Auto complete for JavaScript * Project management and publishing to FTP * FTP in File Explorer * Automatic linked file (image, css, js) upload to FTP * Muli-line search and replace * HTML special character conversion * Preview for different screen resolutions * More than 100 other fixes and enhancements

v 5.32 updated on Jan 02, 2005

Unknown changes

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