Registry Help Free History

Version history for Registry Help Free shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Oct 04, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 1.82
Size: 1128 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   "Registry Help" optimizes and manages your Windows registry easily and safely! With its regular scan and repair, you will have a clean registry and a safe, stable and faster system! Try it now, it is safe, easy and really effective!

v 1.82 updated on Apr 05, 2015

1. Registry snapshot generation feature improved. 2. UI improved. 3. Installer improved.

v 1.81 updated on Nov 30, 2014

1. Installer improved. 2. UI improved.

v 1.77 updated on Mar 10, 2011

1. Promo link moved from title bar to about dialog. 2. UI improved.

v 1.76 updated on Feb 01, 2011

1. Registry check accuracy improved. 2. Performance improved in history processing. 3. Installer improved. 4. Free version released. 5. New redesigned program icon, compatible with Windows 7. 6. The "About" dialog improved, product ID displayed on it.

v 1.75 updated on Jun 15, 2010

1. Support for 64 bit windows system improved. 2.Promotion links added on title bar and can be configured on help menu.

v 1.73 updated on Apr 21, 2010

1. Online update feature improved. 2. UI improved.

v 1.72 updated on Jan 25, 2010

1. Online activate supported. 2. Color theme UI improved.

v 1.70 updated on Jun 08, 2009

1. All windows registry files are supported in registry defrag feature. 2. Registry defrag feature UI improved. 3. Hint and status improved.

v 1.65 updated on Mar 10, 2009

1. Improve registry processing speed. 2. Improve detail display for registry changes. 3. Improve data display for DWOD and QWORD registry values. 4. Bug fix for locate button doesn't work in some cases. 5. Improve edit REG_EXPAND_SZ and REG_MULTI_SZ registry values. 6. Bug fix for “RegEdit” button.

v 1.61 updated on Feb 06, 2009

1. Better support for 64 bit Windows. 2. Support registry defragment on 64 bit Windows. 3. Error log improved. 4. Registry scan engine improved. 5.New registry tweak added.

v 1.55 updated on Aug 20, 2007

1. Registry scan algorithm improved. 2. Bug fix for error detecting Vista index files. 3. New theme "Light Blue" added.

v 1.53 updated on Jun 25, 2007

1. Add skip invalid drive feature when checking registry. 2. Fragment analysis report improved. 3. Bug fix for print registry key.

v 1.51 updated on May 15, 2007

1. FREE fix the first 30 registry errors in trial version.2. Registry scan method improved, more accuracy.3. Online auto-update feature improved. 4. Button UI improved.

v 1.50 updated on Apr 26, 2007

1. Registry defragment feature added!2. New GUI layout, more efficiency.3. Registry scan method improved, more accuracy.4. Minor bugs fixed.5. "Select All" and "Invert Select" can be applied to any focused list now.

v 1.20 updated on May 24, 2006

1.UI improved. 2.Minor bug fixed.3. Performance improved

v 1.19 updated on Jan 11, 2006

1. Registry checking algorithm optimized.2. Performance improved.

v 1.18 updated on Dec 27, 2005

1. New tweaks added.2. Register method improved.

v 1.16 updated on Nov 29, 2005

1. Registry checking algorithm optimized. Registry Help has a better performance and accuracy now.

v 1.15 updated on Oct 18, 2005

1. New function "Ignore list" added. When you have some registry items that don't want to be scanned, you can add them to this list by right-click on it.2. New theme "Silver white" added.

v 1.10 updated on Oct 04, 2005

1. FREE registry scan. 2. "Registry scan and repair" section improved. New settings added. 3. Progress bar added to indicate every running task. 4. Keyword list added in "search" section. 5. History items description added. 6. Context menu improved...

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