Remote Queue Manager Professional History

Version history for Remote Queue Manager Professional shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jul 27, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.50
Size: 2711 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Remote Queue Manager is a professional tool to manage print jobs. There is no need to install any drivers to control a remote printer. Remote Queue Manager allows you to visually preview documents in the spool.

v 5.50 updated on Dec 02, 2014

Added new option "Print as Sorted". Now you can change print order for whole list of print jobs for selected printer. This option is available from context menu of print jobs. Added new version checking. Added Czech translation. Improved support for many Epson printers.

v 5.20.173 updated on Apr 21, 2009

[+] Added command "Queue manager only" (Available from main menu Options). [*] Printer folders creation fixed. [*] Improved stability.

v 5.1.168 updated on Oct 08, 2008

Export and import TCP/IP printer ports. You can view port monitors on the "Resources" page. New feature "Export to Local Computer" for TCP/IP printer ports, drivers and port monitors.

v 5.0.166 updated on Jul 10, 2008

New interface with Print Folders. Now you can create your own folders and sort your printers by type, location and any other parameters. You can view, install and delete printer drivers. You can view printer forms. You can open print server properties for any computer without connecting to it.

v 4.2.162 updated on Apr 18, 2008

Added Ports page. Now you can configure your printer ports. Rename TCP/IP port (unique feature!). Duplicate TCP/IP port (unique feature!). Improved remote connection.

v 4.0.158 updated on Nov 28, 2007

Added export to OpenDocument (Text Document and Spreadsheet). Added drop-down menu for "Connect..." button in toolbar with 10 last connected computers. Improved interface of the export window. Improved support of Samba printers. Added support of the Windows Clusters spoolers.

v 4.0.154 updated on Oct 09, 2007

Fixed the "Printer Web Page" command for IPP printers. Increased updating speed for IPP printers. Now it is possible to monitor up to 4000 printers. Improved user name and computer name determination for print jobs from Mac, Linux, Solaris and other Unix-like systems.

v 4.0.153 updated on Sep 21, 2007

Added printer pooling support: "Port Name" columns for print jobs and improved "Printer Web Page" command. Added "Network" page. Using this page you can: control any printer in your network; connect network printer to current user and for all users (unique feature!)

v 4.0.151 beta updated on Jun 25, 2007

Added columns "Port Name" and "Share Name" for printers. Added "Network" page. Using this page you can found all printers in your network and connect network printer to current user and for all users. You can open any print job as text. You can preview any print jobs using external programs.

v 3.9 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Now you can preview HPGL print jobs (all HP plotters). Added rotation for images in preview window. Added determination of ZIMF (ZJStream) print jobs format. Improved determination Datatype, Pages and Copies for some POSTSCRIPT print jobs and for all new print jobs.

v 3.4 updated on Jul 12, 2006

"Allow multiple instances" option is added. New icons. Fixed the "Printer Web Page..." command. Many small fixes and improvements.

v 3.3 updated on May 16, 2006

Now you can change and see the Offline status of the selected printers. This option is available for local and network printers (unlike in the standard Windows queue manager). New printer icons with visible printer statuses. Fixed incompatability with "Data Execution Prevention".

v 3.21 updated on May 02, 2006

Improved print jobs selection. Improved unicode support. Some small fixes.

v 3.15 updated on Mar 24, 2006

Print queue updating is fixed.

v 3.14 updated on Mar 09, 2006

Icon for print jobs is added. Colored printers status. Improved "Printer Web Page..." option for Windows 2003. Some small fixes.

v 3.12 updated on Feb 07, 2006

"Save window position" option is added. Remote connection is improved. Some small fixes.

v 3.1 updated on Jan 26, 2006

New command "Printer Web Page..." for TCP/IP printers is added. Remote connection is improved.

v 3.01 updated on Nov 30, 2005

Full unicode support is added. Now you can change print job export options for bmp and jpg formats. Now you can copy and preview print jobs for network printers in unregistered version. Print job preview is improved. Copying print jobs is improved.

v 2.3 updated on Sep 21, 2005

A new print job preview window with increased loading speed. Now you can export print jobs to emf, wmf, bmp and jpg, print selected pages, zoom a page. Option "Enable EMF printing" to "Printer" menu is added. In some cases it can help to activate print jobs preview for selected printers. The "Printer Info" panel. Copying print jobs is improved.

v 2.2 updated on Jul 27, 2005

New print job preview window. Increased loading speed. Now you can: Export print jobs to emf, wmf, bmp, jpg; Print current page; Zoom page. Improved print jobs copying.

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