Similarity History

Version history for Similarity shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 26, 2007) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2.2.0
Size: 5260 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Similarity is a useful program that helps you to find and remove similar, duplicate musical files (MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4, WAV, FLAC, APE, WV) with the same or similar sound content, music tags (ID3, WMF, Vorbis).

v 2.2.0 updated on Oct 17, 2016

+ New correct algorithm of Max.Freq. in Analysis + Fixed bitrate field + Fixed memory allocation in JavaScripts + New work queue for multiprocessor tasks - Updated JavaScript engine (V8) - Minor fixes

v 2.1.1 updated on Apr 30, 2016

+ Drag&Drop support added + Support of 16-bit mono audio files fixed + New auto-mark scripts - OpenCL code optimized - Minor fixes

v 2.1.0 updated on Mar 06, 2016

+ Updated Wavpack, Opus decoder + Updated tag library, JavaScript library + New context menu item - Mark/Unmark folders + Added image processing support to Similarity JavaScript API + Added new Script menu and recent scripts list + Added file date field into tables and auto-mark dialog

v 2.0.2 updated on Sep 14, 2015

+ Added support of Javascript scripting + Updated all decoders for latest version + Added support for 2 new decoders: Opus Interactive Audio Codec, The True Audio (TTA) codec - Player/Spectrogram/Sonogram window position autosave - Fix cache synchronization - Huge amount of minor fixes

v 1.9.2 updated on Dec 04, 2014

+ Added tag edition support of all audio formats (TagLib library) + All taggers located "out of process" now, any exception doesn't impact main process stability + Added time remaining counter + Added OpenCL optimization support (Mac) + Added tag edition feature (Mac) - Minor fixes

v 1.6.0 updated on May 31, 2011

+ New multi-thread caching mechanism + Added OpenCL support + New activation mechanism with online and offline activation + Fully rewritten Microsoft Media Foundation Decoders (MMF) - Removed Network, rewritten all remaining network algorithms

v 1.5.3 updated on Feb 01, 2011

+ New decoder: Apple QuickTime (if you have installed iTunes, Similarity automatically can decode ALAC,AAC,MP4 files) + You can analyze duplicates for quality after scan + Analysis rating field added to Rearrange and Automark + Improvements in caching (rescan shows results much faster)

v 1.5.0 updated on Oct 07, 2010

+ new Analysis mode (search unquality, problematic music) + some small bugs fixed

v 1.3.7 updated on Aug 10, 2010

+ New Similarity icon. + New decoders tab in options, you can now enable/disable decoders, set priority and extensions to them. + Some fixes in DirectShow decoder + By default we disable DirectShow decoder, if you need DirectShow decoder you can simply enable it.

v 1.3.6 updated on Jul 27, 2010

+ Fully rewritten network protocol and network processing (still beta) + Tested tag sharing via proxies + Autoclose for servers + Minimize to tray in config + More statistics for network, enabled local rating

v 1.3.4 updated on Jul 06, 2010

+ Greatly improved precise algorithm, it now consumes 20 times less memory (Similarity can now compare more than 200 000 files on computer with 2 Gb RAM) - fixed some compartability and visual issues with Windows XP

v 1.3.3 updated on Jul 01, 2010

+ Automarking mechanism + Autosaving/autoloading results and progress on exit and start + Grouped folders selection (only files from different groups compared) + Added Move to folder + Rearranging

v 1.3.1 updated on Jun 15, 2010

+ New Direct Show decoder (Similarity can use any direct show filter like ffmpeg,ac3filte,haali and decode any supported by them format) + New Microsoft Media Foundation (MMF) decoder (natively support M4A,M4,AAC in Windows 7) - removed ACM decoder (replaced by Direct Show)

v 1.3.0 updated on Jun 10, 2010

New superior "precise" algorithm Keyboard shortcuts Network functionality P2P tags sharing New results showing mechanism Results showing speed significantly improved Estonian,Italian languages added Some bugs fixed

v 1.1.0 updated on Jan 20, 2010

+ Major changes in Results view (its now descending with columns) + Changes in folder view, added support for Windows 7 Libraries + Portable mode + Crash gathering and submitting mechanism

v 1.0.0 updated on Nov 25, 2009

+ New tag editor (results tab) + Some improvements in comparing algorithm + Some visual improvements - Many small visual/translation bugs fixed

v 0.9.360 updated on Oct 27, 2009

+ New expermental algorithm (it outperform other algorithms) + Czech language added - Many small visual/translation bugs fixed

v 0.9.310 updated on Jun 30, 2009

+ own resampler, Similarity correctly works with all sample rates in OGG,FLAC,WM,APE now + with new resampler Similarity correctly works in Windows 7 - fixed bug with invalid cache loading + ignores stored in "ignores.list" text file, not in cache + separate sensivity for tags and content

v 0.62 updated on Feb 06, 2008

- minor UI and usability changes - marked delete

v 0.51 updated on Jan 09, 2008

- multicore speed improved - new experimental algorithm

v 0.4 updated on Dec 26, 2007

- new decoder added: Windows Media Format 9.0 SDK (supported formats MP3,WMA,ASF) - double click on a file opens default player - parsing of ID3v2.x/ASF tags is added

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