SkinCrafter History

Version history for SkinCrafter shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 09, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.3.1
Size: 23904 KB
OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Description:   How to improve interface of your software? Make it attractive and stylish. Maybe funny for media apps and solid for system utilites.No need to change the forms, dialogs and controls in your project as SkinCrafter will skin them just in place they are

v 3.0.0 updated on Feb 28, 2008

- True support of Right-To-Left Layout - Hue\Saturation\Lightness\Opacity implemented in SkinCrafter interface methods: BeginCustomHSL, BeginHSL, ModifyHSL, EndHSL - Added custom skin-defined scrollbars sizes support

v 2.6.0 updated on Apr 26, 2007

- Windows Vista ready update (numerous Vista-related issues corrected). - List control checkbox style support added - .net TextBox double click handling error corrected

v 2.0.0 updated on Oct 02, 2006

- New UserData feature added, now it's possible to store data of any type inside the skin. - Native Support for .Net Framework v2.0 and VS2005 - InitLicenKeys function now takes 4 parameters instead of 5, "purchase id" param was eliminated - Numerous bugfixes and improvements

v 1.9.2 updated on Aug 08, 2006

* Added vertical align for toolbar buttons * Border styles support for all controls improved. * Issue when skinning control over excluded dialog background corrected * Accelerators' bug corrected * Slider bug with focused state fixed * DateTime values updates correctly

v 1.9.1 updated on Jul 24, 2006

SkinCrafter 1.9.1 * Taskbar appearence problem corrected * Accurate handling of visibility flag for Edit control * Added a support for semitransparency of child dialogs * Added borders for Date Time Picker control

v 1.9.0 updated on May 18, 2006

******** SkinCrafter ******** SkinCrafter 1.9.0 * Added borders to Progress bar * Added borders to Combobox * Progress bar could not be invisible, corrected. * Full support for button-like check boxes and radio buttons * Accurate drawing of tab control's spin * VB: Menubar item's with no popups work corrected * VB: Common Dialogs issues fixed ******** SkinBuilder ******** SkinBuilder 2.6.0 * New SkinBuilder interface * Updated to support new features.

v 1.8.3 updated on Apr 26, 2006

SkinCrafter 1.8.3 * Combobox, corrected borders' drawing * Combobox, '&'-sign accurate displaying * WS_EX_TRANSPARENT style support added to groupbox child windows * Added support to push-like check boxes' and radio buttons' image property * .Net, Tree item's fore color support added SkinBuilder 2.5.0 * "Fill all state" functioning fixed * Engine modifications

v 1.8.1 updated on Mar 01, 2006

SkinCrafter 1.8.1 * Added support for DataTimePicker contorl * Added support for MonthCalendar contorl * Added feature to define the colors for Listcontrol * ListControl subitem text color support added * Added feature to define the colors and images for Tree control * Tab control. Added offsets for text and icons * Fixed edit enabledisable border problem * .Net Accurate BorderStyle support * Multiline tooltip bug fixed * Edit cursor positioning issue corrected * Accurate ListControl lvs_nocolumnheader style handling SkinBuilder 2.4.0 * Added sections for DataTimePicker and MonthCalendar controls * New Object Browser icons

v 1.7.2 updated on Dec 12, 2005

* Non-ActiveX dll version of SkinCrafter * MDI blinking fixed * Numerous ListControl issues corrected * Excluding with children corrected * Accurate handling of non-existed skins * Popup menu check and radio icons support * VB form size growing when restoringminimizing fixed * Win98 correct fonts handling * Accurate VB programatical checkbox and radio values setting * New skins added: halloween, QPG-77/79, Electron, Mechanics * Edit flickering problem corrected

v 1.6.0 updated on Aug 08, 2005

* Multiskin support added * Custom Scrollbars support * A great number of minor changes and bug fixes

v 1.5.3 updated on Jun 22, 2005

SkinCrafter 1.5.3 * New skins: XP-style and Stylish * Bugfixes and improvements

v 1.5.2 updated on May 30, 2005

******** SkinCrafter ******** SkinCrafter 1.5.2 * Support of Right-to-Left textboxes * Custom Titlebar Font support * A number of improvements and corrections ******** SkinBuilder ******** SkinBuilder 2.3.2 * Titlebar Font added * SkinBuilder engine improved

v 1.5.1 updated on Apr 20, 2005

SkinCrafter 1.5.1 * Menubar support added to custom frame * Listbox Selected text color added * Support for pushlike style of checkbox and radion button * Three-state checkboxes support added * Delphi related issues corrected SkinBuilder 2.3.1 * Added "Clear" feature to reset all properties of selected controls * "Fill inactive state" feature implemented - to apply the images of active frame side to inactive one

v 1.5.0 updated on Feb 16, 2005

******** SkinCrafter ******** SkinCrafter 1.5.0 * Alpha channel support (PNG images) for all of the controls. * Popup menu borders added * ListBox Extended selection support * Picture box SS_ETCHEDHORZ and SS_ETCHEDVERT styles support * New skins: Centurion and RedJet * The number of minor improvements ******** SkinBuilder ******** SkinBuilder 2.3.0 * Alpha images (PNG) support added. * Clipboard CopyPaste * Added support for margins TilingStretching

v 1.4.15 updated on Dec 09, 2004

******** SkinCrafter ******** SkinCrafter 1.4.15 * Added support for splitter control * Correct icon displaying in Header control * Some memory problems fixed * ProgressBar (Common Controls 6) skinning implemented * New Skins: Skinastic, Cambodia and Militaristicus ******** SkinBuilder ******** SkinBuilder 2.2.1 * Added section for Splitter control skins design * Implemented functionality of F6,F7,F8,F11 for comfortable work.

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