Spyware Process Detector History

Version history for Spyware Process Detector shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Apr 26, 2007) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.24
Size: 1031 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Spyware Process Detector is an anti-spyware / anti-keylogger tool that detects all processes running on the computer, including hidden ones, and displays their color-coded threat rating based on the intelligent analysis of all hidden properties.

v 3.24 updated on Sep 15, 2015

Full support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview. Added "Check for new versions" option.

v 3.23.2 updated on Dec 03, 2014

Fixed crash bug with empty startup filename.

v 3.22 updated on Mar 23, 2011

- New command "Set affinity". The processor affinity setting controls which CPUs(COREs) the process will be allowed to execute on. - New command "Remember this processor affinity" to hold a processor affinity of selected process after restarting. - Full support for VirusTotal Uploader 2.0.

v 3.21 updated on Jul 06, 2010

New options and features to struggle with Trojan.Winlock.

v 3.20 updated on Nov 10, 2009

Full support for Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) and Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600).

v 3.19 updated on Oct 26, 2009

- Fixed many bugs. - Added a database of good processes. - Improved detection of hidden processes on Windows Vista/2003/2008. - Added "Check this file for viruses with Virustotal.com" command in context menu.

v 3.17 updated on Aug 29, 2009

- Full support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Seven Beta. - Background scan uses less CPU time. - Fixed a conflict with last version of Agnitum Outpost Firewall.

v 3.16 updated on May 25, 2009

- New command "Hold priority" to hold a priority of selected process. - Added "First found date" column. The column contains date and time of first detection of processes. - Fixed bug with calculation of process hash on Windows Vista. - Fixed bug with detection of priority of hidden processes.

v 3.15 updated on Mar 30, 2009

- Support for Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista x64. - Renamed filenames and objects of program. - Fixed bug on Windows Vista without Service Pack. - Added czech interface plugin.

v 3.14 updated on Jan 08, 2009

Added "Mean CPU usage" column. This column shows how much percent this process has used the CPU. You can identify processes that use much CPU time over a longer period. Fixed many bugs.

v 3.12 updated on May 06, 2008

Unknown changes

v 3.10 updated on Oct 12, 2007

Unknown changes

v 3.09 updated on Sep 27, 2007

Unknown changes

v 3.04 updated on Sep 21, 2007

Unknown changes

v 3.02 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Unknown changes

v 3.01 updated on Jun 21, 2007

Unknown changes

v 3.00 updated on Jun 13, 2007

Unknown changes

v 2.02 updated on May 11, 2007

Unknown changes

v 2.01 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Unknown changes

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