SQLite Maestro History

Version history for SQLite Maestro shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 20, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 15.1
Size: 8185 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   SQLite Maestro is a powerful Windows database management solution for SQLite administration and development. SQLite Maestro provides you with graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to perform database operations easy and fast.

v 15.1 updated on Aug 25, 2015

Version 15.1 comes with support of user authentication and management, read-only database connections, colored tabs, and some other new features.

v 12.1 updated on Dec 01, 2014

Version 12.1 features the Database Backup tool, new Encryption Manager, Unicode support in SQL editors and viewers, updated code folding appearance, viewing BLOB data as PDF and a lot of other useful things.

v 11.3 updated on Mar 25, 2011

Version 11.3 comes with support for full-text search extensions, data import from ODBC data sources, and other useful things.

v 10.5 updated on Jun 15, 2010

Version 10.5 introduces enhanced foreign key support, improved Data Analysis tool, impressive data import abilities, updated BLOB Editor, and a lot of other new features.

v 9.10 updated on Oct 25, 2009

Version 9.10 comes with support of autoloading SQLite extensions, new Data Import wizard, updated Data Grid and other new features.

v 9.3 updated on Mar 30, 2009

Version 9.3 introduces updated referential integrity support, transaction management extensions, completely rewritten Data Export tool, and a lot of other interface improvements.

v 7.9 updated on Oct 09, 2007

Version 7.9 introduces cancellation of query execution and SQL Formatter.

v 7.7 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Since version 7.7 SQLite Maestro supports viewing and editing data in UTF-8/Unicode encodings.

v 7.3 updated on Apr 04, 2007

The 7.3 version is mostly a maintenance release meant to add some interface features, increase stability and fix several non-critical bugs.

v 6.7 updated on Sep 20, 2006

Version 6.7 features: a possibility to execute several queries simultaneously, support of check constraints and index sort ordering (SQLite 3.3)

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