Tag&Rename History

Version history for Tag&Rename shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 06, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 3.9.8
Size: 6.58 Mb
OS: Windows
Description:   Music organizer: easily handles all popular digital audio files tags formats. It can fix tags using freedb, import Amazon or Discogs info, get data from files / folders names, keep files and folders organized, create play lists, export tags data, etc.

v 3.9.8 updated on Sep 05, 2016

added Korean translation updated Estonian translation fixed minor bug in ID3v2 cover art support minor improvement in Vorbis Comments and APE tags support

v 3.9.5 updated on Mar 23, 2016

updated Discogs support

v 3.9.4 updated on Mar 15, 2016

added "Save ID3 tag chunk as a last chunk in a Wav file" option in Advansed options added support for PCM float uncompressed wav files properties files searching and tags reading progress now visible on task bar button minor fixes

v 3.9.3 updated on Dec 23, 2015

Cover Size, Cover Dimensions and Cover Format added to Tag&Rename export options added "Auto Fit File List Columns after Changing Folder" option into View menu German translation updated fixed bug in mp4 files support minor fixes

v 3.9.1 updated on Aug 25, 2015

added Brazilian Portuguese translation Chinese Simplified, Italian translation updated added support for Windows Explorer "Hide empty drives" option fixed bug in ID3v2 multiple cover arts in tag support fixed bug in proxy server authorization minor changes in WAV tagging

v 3.9 updated on May 07, 2015

added "Resize Files Cover Art" and "Resize Folders Cover Art" function to "Tools" menu added "Delete folder cover art" button to "Folder cover art" panel added "Tags cover art resizing" options to program options -> Tags added Opus files support added "Retry" button to tag saving error message

v 3.9 beta 4 updated on Apr 06, 2015

fixed bug in direct files renaming in files list when files located over network minor fixes

v 3.9 beta 3 updated on Mar 31, 2015

added "Tags cover art resizing" options to program options -> Tags added "Set This Image as a Folder Cover Art" button to "Folder cover art" panel (visible only when "Show first existing image in "Folder cover art" if folder.jpg does not exists" enabled and current image file is not a folder.jpg)

v 3.9 beta 2 updated on Mar 23, 2015

added "Always remove leading zero from disc # value when renaming files and folders" option to Tag&Rename options -> Advanced -> Misc fixed bug in ID3v2 tag removing from mp3 files

v 3.8.7 updated on Mar 10, 2015

added "Auto Fit File List Columns" function into main menu -> View improved behaviour of the "Part of a compilation" and "Podcast" check boxes in multi files tag editor fixed cover images loading from Discogs fixed bug in saving windows position

v 3.8.6 updated on Feb 09, 2015

added Czech translation added support for DSD256 fixed bug in big wav files support fixed bug in mp4 files support minor fixes and improvements

v 3.8.5 updated on Dec 24, 2014

added "Format "The Artist" to "Artist, The"" and "Format "Artist, The" to "The Artist"" functions added "Exchange "Copyright" with "Album Artist" tag fields in tag editor" option in Advanced options added support for TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL tag frames in Vorbis Commens

v 3.8.4 updated on Nov 30, 2014

added "Format "The Artist" to "Artist, The"" and "Format "Artist, The" to "The Artist"" functions added "Exchange "Copyright" with "Album Artist" tag fields in tag editor" option in Advanced options added support for TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL tag frames in Vorbis Commens

v 3.5.7 updated on Dec 07, 2010

added online "Search for cover art" function in web import and freedb import added ability to use users own Amazon access keys minor fixes in APEv2 support minor fixes

v 3.5.6 updated on May 17, 2010

improved mp4 container support fixed problem with some antivirus software fixed bug in play lists creation minor improvements

v 3.5.5 updated on Feb 08, 2010

added support for Apple AIFF files improved mp4 files support improved cover art drag and drop support minor improvements in ID3v2 support

v 3.5.4 updated on Nov 27, 2009

added support for mp4 files with 64bit sized mdat atom %aa (album artist) variable can now be used in quick save palylist masks minor fixes

v 3.5.1 updated on Apr 06, 2009

added "Auto Fill Episode #" function added Tools functions: "Remove Leading "The" from Artist Field", "Format Artist Field from "Name Surname" to "Surname, Name"" and "Format Artist Field from "Surname, Name" to "Name Surname"" improved ID3v2.4 support minor bugs fixed

v 3.4 updated on Dec 21, 2007

Tag&Rename can work in portable mode now (portable option in installation) "Rename Actions" added: now both album files and folders can be renamed in one click added ability to import album information from TrackType.org server + "Show ID3v1/ID3v2 tag is not present indicator" file list option

v 3.3.5 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Tag&Rename "Filters" now use MS-DOS wild cards now you can change files rating from files list with one mouse click added "Rating" field in "Filter" function added "Channels" option into "Export Wizard" fixed not worked web import in some systems

v 3.2.5 rc 1 updated on Apr 28, 2006

added support for cover art in APE tags rename file/folder window (F6 shortcut) added back fixed proble with some mp4 video files (old Tag&Rename version can corrupt video in this files after editing tags) a lot of minor fixes and optimizations

v 3.2 rc 2 updated on Aug 02, 2005

improved Amazon import support minor fixes

v 3.1.7 updated on Dec 06, 2004

fixed bug when writing lyrics to ID3v2 tag in Unicode improved mp4 files support minor bugs fixed

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