TeraCash History

Version history for TeraCash shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jul 18, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2013
Size: 3289 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   TeraCash is designed to help your company run a successful and profitable check cashing business! Easy to use screens, multi-lingual text and an array of administration tools as well as Biometric security backed by a highly scalable database engine.

v 2013 updated on Dec 02, 2014

Additions:. . Added ability to make payments from TeraCash. (Rental, CheckGuard, Retention, etc.). Added ability to skip Check21 transactions which do not include images. Added ability to print CTR's for a user specified date range. Added support for new FINCen electronic filing of CTR's. . . . Fixes:. . Fixed a bug with not being able to VOID Check21 transaction even before they are transmitted to the Check21 processor. . . . Updates:. . Update CheckGuard to support secure data transmittal via 128-bit SSL. Updated the main UI to the latest version. Now displays an error message if you try to VOID a transaction that has already been transmitted to the Check21 . processor. Now shows splash screen immediately upon starting TeraCash.

v 3.0 updated on Aug 23, 2010

Added feature to bad check entry to have TeraCash save the front and back images of the returned check. Added Transaction Number field to TeraCash for searching, history viewing, and various transaction reports and receipt. Added the ability to detect multiple checks from the same company within a given number of days. Added new TeraCash native biometrics support using U.are.U brand fingerprint scanners. Added biometrics fingerprint login support. Added menu shortcuts to the customer screen to allow a user to remove a customer's photo, id card and fingerprint. Added user security so that administrators can allow/disallow users to remove customer photo's, id cards, and/or fingerprints. Added new online help file. Added new menu item to automatically direct you to TeraCorp's new online E-Learning Center. Added Tip of the Day at startup. Added the ability to choose selected checks to print on the deposit slip. Added the ability to abort, retry or ignore when verifying a customer's fingerprint. Added the ability to globally allow zero dollar check fees. Increased the speed in which the check image will display after scanning it for faster processing. Added the ability to restore a previously deleted customer. Added a new printer selection option specifically for deposit slips. Added the ability to print a deposit slip on 8.5" x 11" paper with more details. Added the ability to add additional notes to a transaction via the history screen. Quick-Insert now imports the check amount and the bank name (if in ABA) when you scan a check. Added several new charts and graphs to act as a visual representation on the performance of various aspects of your . company. Added the ability to select which checks you wish to include on the deposit slip. Added new tie-in so you can export your transactions into QuickBooks 2005 or greater and Quicken 2004!. Added the option to apply fee to customer on the customer wizard screen. Added progress bar for fingerprint lookups during identification and duplication checks. TeraCash will now remember the column order and column width of all of the grids throughout the system. Added the ability to save the check images even if there was no MICR data on the check. Added the ability to view customer history from the "Transactions You've Completed Today" section of the main screen. Added the ability to scan and/or re-scan a customer's fingerprint from the transaction screen. Added the option to skip validation and still save the check images even if the manual MICR entry still fails. . Fixed object reference error received when scanning certain checks from the multiple-checks window. Fixed bug when cancelling out of the multi-check screen where the word MULTI would be grayed out in the check number. Fixed save bug which may occasionally result in the error Bank does not exist or Customer does not exist. Fixed backup bug which caused the backup to delete itself periodically. Fixed bug where the STX would lock up if a check got jammed forcing you to restart TeraCash. Fixed popup error when scanning a drivers license and the expire date or birth date is incorrectly formatted. Fixed bug which would erase the last 5 transactions after selecting the company if using the fingerprint module in . identification mode. Fixed bug when deleting a user who has a fingerprint before first removing the fingerprint, the fingerprint would remain in the . system. Fixed bug when deleting a customer without first removing the fingerprint, the fingerprint would remain in the system. Fixed column order bug when viewing a quick-added bad check list in history. Fixed bug which would attempt to allow you to flag a quick-added check as being good, pending, bad, or voided. Fixed bug when adding a new company or bank to an existing customer when loading the customer manually versus . scanning the check first. Fixed a bug where the last customer type (company or individual) would not save the last value from the customer wizard. Fixed a bug where the default fee table chosen does not save but rather always uses the table named 'Default'. This fix also . applies to the restricted fee option. Fixed a bug which would clear the transaction after adding a new customer using the Add New link. Fixed a security flaw with manage fees where an unauthorized employee could access the manage fees screen even if their . privileges were set to disallow. Fixed object reference bug when adding multiple checks to a single transaction. Fixed memory leak when printing multiple reports. Fixed the manual MICR screen so that it automatically centers itself. Fixed alignment of fields for the CTR and SAR reports. . Updated the Spanish version of TeraCash to reflect latest changes. Updated and fixed various issues related to transaction creation while using biometrics identification mode. Updated local help file. Updated ID scan which would not display name and address information if birth date or expiration date could not be read. Updated the error message generated when trying to cash a check for an employee who attempts to use their employee . fingerprint as their customer fingerprint during the identification process.Updated user stats and transactions completed list so . that any administrator that logs in will be able to see all of the stats and transactions for all of the users for that day and who . created it. Updated the customer wizard so that when you begin typing a new company, rather than it modifying the name of the . existing company, it will create a new one with the new name. Updated the customer wizard so that it would not assume to use the first company that matches the routing number . regardless of the account. Updated the fingerprint module to store only necessary information to minimize data consumption. Updated the import backup program to support the new fingerprint module data restore.

v updated on Dec 25, 2008

Added the ability to search all numeric check values (including check number) by using common mathmatical symbols. Added the date to the top of the deposit slip report. Added the ability to deposit cash into a customer's prepaid mastercard. Added the ability to print a drawer report for any day, location and/or teller you wish. Added more descriptive error message if you try to burn a CD but have no CD burner. Added the public IP address to the database tab. Added Prepaid MasterCard brochure to TeraCash. Added starup check to verify if the STX check scanner was properly initialized. Added a test button in setup to test the connectivity between the computer and the check scanner. (STX models only). Fixed the CTR report so that the customer birthdate was in the format MM/DD/YYYY rather than DD/MM/YYYY. Fixed a bug with Windows Vista and the UPEK biometrics scanner not allow the verification process to work properly. Fixed a bug where the error "operator + is not defined" would occur when trying to save a transaction. Fixed a bug with the California IRS CD Writing producing an object reference error. Fixed a bug with the Do Not Cash List. Fixed a bug with the ID MAG swiping with the STX not giving enough time to swipe a card. Fixed the Do Not Cash list so it doesn't error out when going into the screen. Fixed the Do Not Cash screen so that it doesn't seem to clear the entries everytime you go into it. Modified the configuration so that the device settings will remain after completing an upgrade. Modified the CTR report to reflect the total amount less transaction fees on line number 27. Made the error window smaller and more managable. Made the search screen faster when searching for customers, companies and banks. Removed the flicker and re-load of the transaction results screen after clicking on a customer.

v updated on Sep 24, 2007

Added National Check Casher Network and ATM Verify support for added protection against fraud (CheckGuard Only). Added ability to delete orphaned companies. Added support for networking the Excella STX scanner across multiple computers. Added advanced support for drawers allowing for more detailed reporting such as time/date of each debit and credit. Added transaction number for easier referencing of specific transactions. Added support for money order scanning. Changed default theme style from Calm to System. Modified the deposit slip to preview before print and to allow you to specify which location and/or teller to print for. Added the ability to properly scan checks where the amount is already printed on the MICR line of the check. Added the ability to give a reason for adding or removing funds from a drawer. Added the ability to restrict specific reports from individual users. Added security feature to restrict or enable specific users from using the CheckGuard Verify function. Added security settings so that only administrators or report users can print reports for other locations and/or tellers. Added new drawer report which matches the new drawer functionality. Added a fees collected information in the "Today's Statistics" group. Added the ability for TeraCash to auto-detect if the same customer has came in with 2 checks from the same bank within a . specified number of days. Added an active checkbox under the company screen to show whether or not the company is marked as active or not. Modified the Daily Check Cashing Summary and the Daily Returned Items Summary to support the new location and teller . features. Modified the transaction screen so mistyping a cutstomer's last name doesn't appear to put you in a loop. Overhauled the multi-company and multi-bank to allow for better support when dealing with companies and officers of . companies. Updated the auto-updater to automatically prompt you to uninstall any previous updates before installing the latest update.

v updated on Apr 26, 2007

1. Added the ability to auto-set all pending transactions to completed after a specified number of days. 2. Added a new report to print the picture, ID, fingerprint and information for a specified customer. 3. Added the ability to reset the total cashed for the day to zero after printing a deposit slip. 4. Added a Voided Transaction Report. 5. Added Time Cashed to the list of checks cashed on the main screen. 6. Added a function so when you search by checks and double-click on one of them, it takes you to the history screen for . that customer. Added the ablility to globally limit the total amount one can cash for each customer.

v 1.5.1 updated on Sep 28, 2006

1. Added check viewer if the check is scanned via a MagTek Excella STX. It will automatically display the check to confirm the scan. 2. 2. Added new fingerprint reader hardware and software. 3.Added new easier to use customer entry wizard with easy-to-follow instructions.

v 1.3 updated on May 02, 2006

1. Added Customer's date of birth field to customer screen. 2. Added SAR (Suspicious Activity) report. 3. Added CTR (Currency Transaction) report with ability to select date to pull report for. 4. Added End of Year IRS report for total transactions > $10,000 with ability to choose year to pull report for. 5. Fixed Contact not saving in setup screen. 6. Fixed Apply button not working in setup screen. 7. Added Routing number field to setup screen. 8. Added Account number field to setup screen. 9. Added EIN field to setup screen. 10. Added Check21 Validation and EFT support. 11. Added Check21 URL, Username & Password fields to setup screen. 12. Added ID picture to automatically display on upper right of transaction screen when ID is on file. 13. Added ability to click on either of the two pictures from the transaction screen to get a larger view. 14. Added ability to choose whether or not to backup on close. 15. Added separate backup directories for each day providing safer restoration of older data if necessary. 16. Increased number of available COM ports from 4 to 10 to support virtual COM ports when using USB check scanners. 17. Added ability to sort by column on both the history screen and the search screen. 18. Added waiting cursor to save screens to alert the user that the system is working. 19. Changed report screen so that it shows up in the middle of the screen rather than off to a side. 20. Created new message prompt when trying to run a menu-driven report from the report screen rather than from the menu . item associated with it. 21. Fixed problem with customer's bank account number not saving after changing it from the customer screen. 22. Changed the delete procedure to mark as inactive for Companies, Banks and Customer Bank accounts for reporting . purposes. 23. Changed the bank and company delete process from the customer screen to reset to the first existing bank/company. 24. Added compression for backup files to reduce hard drive space. 25. Finished up user security to specify whether a user is an Administrator, Regular User or Reports User which uses default . security settings (still overridable). 26. Added security option to prevent specified users from overriding a failed Check 21 validation. 27. Created help documentation to be included and ran from within TeraCash by pressing the F1 key from any screen. 28. Added ability to sort by column on the transaction screen, the fee screen and the upgrades tab on the setup screen. 29. Added ability to VOID a Check21 transaction. 30. Modified the history to automatically sort transactions by date from newest to oldest. 31. Added ability to get a Check 21 transaction status from the history screen and the transaction screen. 32. Modified the check reading process so it automatically displays the ID picture and the customer picture (if applicable) on . the transaction screen.

v 1.2 updated on Dec 05, 2005

Upgraded TeraCash to the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework . Added ability to VOID current-day transactions . Added ability to Reprint existing current-day transactions . Added ability to print Deposit Slips . Added ability to delete banks . Added ability to delete companies . Added signature line to transaction receipt . Added ability to specify how many copies of each receipt should be printed after check-out . Added "Account Number" to the list of ID types on the customer screen . Added Customer List report . Added Bad Check report . . . Fixed bug with adding multiple banks to a company when using an existing bank with multiple account numbers . . Fixed bug with trying to modify a fee immediately after adding it to the table . . Fixed minor bug with the fingerprint recognition module to retry a failed identification more than once .

v 1.1 updated on Nov 07, 2005

Unknown changes

v 1.0 updated on Jul 18, 2005

Unknown changes

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