TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET History

Version history for TMS Flexcel Studio for .NET shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Feb 04, 2009) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Size: 18066 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   100% managed code Excel file manipulation engine & Excel & PDF report generation for .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac

v updated on Nov 02, 2015

New : Two new modes for PDF files PageLayout - New : Support for opening xls versions from 2 to 4 - New : Property Resolution in FlexCelPreview has been removed - New : New property for PDF files: PageLayoutDisplay -New : New property for PDF files: InitialZoomAndView

v updated on Feb 09, 2015

New : Support for recalculating 31 new functions introduced in Excel 2013 - New : Subtotal command in XlsFile - New : Removed Xamarin Android 2.2 support - New : New property ExcelFile.AllowEnteringUnknownFunctionsAndNames - New : New property XlsFile.RecalcVersion

v updated on Dec 05, 2014

New : TFlxApplyFont as a new StyleEx property that allows for fine control of which styles are applied - New : PDF/A support - New : PDF properties are now saved in XMP format - New : New enumeration TExcelFieFormat.v2013 - ...

v updated on May 30, 2011

New: Native support for LINQ and Entity Framework as data sources for reports - New "Virtual Mode" for reading xls and xlsx files on demand - Support for reading and writing encrypted xlsx files - Support for protected xlsx files - Pivot Table preservation in xlsx files - ...

v 5.3 updated on Aug 23, 2010

New: Support for Recalculation of 49 built in functions new to Excel 2007 - Support for Recalculation of 8 built in functions new to Excel 2010 - Support for all Excel 2010's "Renamed Functions" - "BALANCED COLUMNS" mode for reports - FIXEDN ranges for reports - ROWS function for reports - ...

v 5.2 updated on May 17, 2010

New: Support for .NET 4.0, including new 4.0 security model - Tested against Office 2010 RTM - Full comment support in .XLSX - Full data validation support in .XLSX - Full hyperlink support in .XLSX - Full checkbox support in API and .XLSX - DateFormats parameter supported for opening .CSV files

v 5.1 updated on Feb 01, 2010

New: Excel 2010 XLS protected view support - Basic image support in .XLSX - Theme support, support for themes other than the standard Office themes - Added methods to import/export from text files - Copy mode to allow copy of objects marked as "Don't copy" - Method GetUsedNamedRanges added in API

v updated on Oct 30, 2009

New: Added support for recalculation for PercentRank function - Improved: Performance for inserting rows with many images - Improved: Compatibility with incorrectly generated XLS files by other 3rd party libraries - Several smaller bug fixes & code improvements

v v4.9.6.0 updated on Feb 04, 2009

Unknown changes

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