Vizup Desktop Home and Student History

Version history for Vizup Desktop Home and Student shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Apr 28, 2007) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 5.1.5
Size: 3048 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Vizup is an ad hoc polygon optimization system that enables you to reduce the number of polygons in a complex 3D model while retaining the quality and appearance of the original. Supports Wavefront .OBJ, VRML2 and StereoLitho (STL) file formats.

v 5.1.5 updated on Dec 04, 2014

Advanced polygon reduction technology.

v 4.0.0 updated on May 30, 2011

Advanced reduction algorithm has been released.

v 3.8.7 updated on Mar 25, 2011

Improved support of advanced normals preservation method.

v 3.7.6 updated on Nov 13, 2010

Improved support of texture coordinates preservation method.

v 3.7.2 updated on Sep 20, 2010

Improved StereoLitho (.STL) import/export.

v 3.7.1 updated on Aug 16, 2010

Improved advanced shapes/groups fixation function.

v 3.7.0 updated on Jul 27, 2010

Improved texture borders preservation algorithm.

v 3.6.8 updated on Jun 24, 2010

Improved texture borders processing algorithm.

v 3.6.7 updated on Jun 03, 2010

Improved texture coordinates processing algorithm.

v 3.6.5 updated on May 04, 2010

Improved texture border preservation of complex models.

v 3.6.4 updated on Apr 14, 2010

Improved border preservation of complex models.

v 3.6.3 updated on Apr 07, 2010

Improved reduction of large textured models.

v 3.6.2 updated on Mar 19, 2010

Improved import/export of large vrml .wrl files.

v 3.6.0 updated on Feb 26, 2010

Improved complex reduction of large models.

v 3.5.8 updated on Jan 29, 2010

Improved reduction of complex models.

v 3.5.6 updated on Jan 12, 2010

Improved support of complex models (texture border preservation using).

v 3.5.5 updated on Dec 20, 2009

Improved support of complex models (more effective border preservation using).

v 3.5.4 updated on Dec 05, 2009

Added support of special texture border preservation method.

v 3.5.3 updated on Nov 11, 2009

Added support of special border preservation method.

v 3.5.2 updated on Oct 26, 2009

Added support of 64-bit floating-point precision.

v 3.4.7 updated on Aug 12, 2009

Important enhancements which improve algorithm performance on certain types of models.

v 3.4.5 updated on Jul 20, 2009

Improved large models export/import module.

v 3.4.1 updated on Jun 01, 2009

Improved texture border optimization method.

v 3.4 updated on May 11, 2009

Advanced optimization algorithm has been released.

v 3.3.8 updated on Apr 30, 2009

Improved params of shapes border preservation algorithm.

v 3.3.6 updated on Apr 08, 2009

Improved advanced shapes/groups fixation function.

v 3.3.5 updated on Mar 31, 2009

Improved materials border preservation algorithm.

v 3.2.6 updated on Jan 12, 2009

Improved quality of large models reduction.

v 3.2.5 updated on Dec 30, 2008

Improved quality of large models reduction.

v 3.1.9 updated on Dec 01, 2008

Improved StereoLitho (.STL) import/export.

v 3.1.3 updated on Nov 07, 2008

Improved texture borders preservation function.

v 3.1.2 updated on Oct 30, 2008

Improved reduction algorithm for texture correction.

v 3.1.0 updated on Oct 02, 2008

Advanced border detection and border preservation function.

v 3.0.6 updated on Jun 11, 2008

Advanced shapes/groups fixation function.

v 3.0.2 updated on Apr 11, 2008

Improved normals recalculation function.

v 3.0.0 updated on Feb 15, 2008

Next-gen kernel was developed from scratch.

v 2.5.1 updated on Jan 23, 2008

Improved support of huge models (more effective RAM using).

v 2.5 updated on Jan 06, 2008

Improved support of large models (more effective RAM using).

v 2.4.5 updated on Nov 16, 2007

Added prediction of a mesh quality criteria parameter.

v 2.4.3 updated on Oct 22, 2007

Remeshed by an advancing front technique to improve shape quality.

v 2.4.1 updated on Sep 24, 2007

Improved optimization method for mesh joining.

v 2.4.0 updated on Sep 19, 2007

Improved rendering of meshes with transparent and textured materials.

v 2.3.9 updated on Aug 20, 2007

Improved group hierarchy import/export of Wavefront .obj files.

v 2.3.8 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Improved import/export of Wavefront .obj files.

v 2.3.7 updated on Jul 09, 2007

Advanced normals preservation algorithm has been released.

v 2.3.6 updated on Jun 13, 2007

Advanced form preservation algorithm has been released.

v 2.3.5 updated on May 28, 2007

Increased compatibility in Windows Vista.

v 2.2.7 updated on Apr 28, 2007

Improved support of Wavefront .OBJ format import/export. Wavefront OBJ file format is open and has been adopted by other 3D graphics application vendors and can be imported/exported from e-Frontier's Poser, Autodesk's Maya, Blender, Misfit Model 3D and 3D Studio Max, Hexagon, Newtek Lightwave, etc.

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