VueMinder Lite History

Version history for VueMinder Lite shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 05, 2009) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2016.09
Size: 14.65 Mb
OS: Windows
Description:   Organize your schedule and get reminders with a free calendar program. Google Calendars can be synced to your computer and even accessed while offline. A transparent calendar displays on the Windows desktop, providing easy access to your schedule.

v 2016.09 updated on Sep 05, 2016

-Corrected cases where recurring events could duplicate when snoozing or dismissing a reminder. -Corrected event descriptions to not lose formatted text when importing from an ICS file that was previously exported from VueMinder. -Updated the Catalan and Portuguese translations. -Other bug fixes.

v 2016.05 updated on Apr 25, 2016

-Added the ability to specify a yearly interval for recurring events. -Improved performance, especially when adding calendars and deleting recurring events. -Corrected pasting images into the description editor using Ctrl+V. -Translated into Japanese. -Other corrections and improvements.

v 2016.04 updated on Mar 06, 2016

-Improved the Desktop Calendar to include Print and New Event buttons. -Improved the date range drop-down list in the Print window to include a "Next month" option. -Corrected automatic updating of calendar subscriptions. -Corrected sorting of reminders in the popup reminder window. -Bug fixes.

v 2016.03 updated on Feb 06, 2016

-Added an option to shade dates that are outside the printed month when using the Monthly layout style. -Corrected a memory leak and improved performance. -Corrected cases where duplicate events could be generated when syncing with external calendars. -Translated to Latvian and Urdu. -Bug fixes.

v 11.3.1 updated on Dec 14, 2015

-Corrected printing of multi-day event when using the "Whole month without overflow" monthly layout style. -Corrected the Norwegian translation. -Other minor improvements and corrections.

v 11.3.0 updated on Nov 02, 2015

-Added an option to select the voice for text-to-speech reminders. -Added an Office 2016-inspired appearance theme. -Improved reliability of syncing with Google Calendar. -Improved coloring of dates to be based on calendar order. -Improved copying and pasting of multiple events. -Bug fixes.

v 11.2.9 updated on Jun 09, 2015

-Translated into Korean. -Corrected syncing with Google Calendar when multiple events are intentionally defined with the same title, date, and time. -Corrected to not crash when the On-Screen Keyboard is displayed. -Other minor corrections and improvements.

v 11.2.8 updated on Apr 21, 2015

-Improved the Print window to recall previously specified date range settings. -Corrected syncing with Google Calendar. In some cases, events were missing or deleted instances were appearing. -Corrected errors that could sometimes occur when adding calendar subscriptions. -Other corrections.

v 11.2.7 updated on Jan 25, 2015

-Added an option to make event tooltip text larger and more readable. -Reduced time required to load the program when a large number of categories or locations have been defined. -Corrected the "Due In" time on the popup reminder window to refresh properly. -Other minor corrections and improvements.

v 11.2.6 updated on Jan 06, 2015

-Corrected a problem with the "Add Google Calendar" command not adding the selected calendar to VueMinder.

v 11.2.4 updated on Nov 30, 2014

-Added a Catalan translation. -Improved the time and duration drop-down lists to reduce scrolling. -Corrected missing spaces in event descriptions of calendars that are imported from ICS files or subscriptions. -Other minor corrections and improvements.

v 8.2.1 updated on May 31, 2011

-Added the ability to save the calendar to a web page. -Added a voice (text-to-speech) reminder setting. -Added a maximize button to the desktop calendar. -Improved the layout and functionality of the popup reminder window. -Improved desktop alerts to optionally loop wav files. -Much more.

v 8.1.3 updated on Mar 23, 2011

-Added a formatting option for recurring event occurrence numbers. -Corrected problems with reminders not appearing when expected. -Corrected fading of events after a reminder is dismissed. -Corrected importing of reminders from ICS files. -Other minor bug corrections.

v 7.3.0 updated on Sep 20, 2010

-Added creation of events directly in the calendar by clicking and typing. -Added a Week view to the Desktop Calendar. -Added a "mini" Desktop Calendar mode. -Added options for controlling visible time slots and other features. -Added command to insert picture thumbnails into event descriptions.

v 7.2.1 updated on Jul 01, 2010

- Corrected processing of reminders in calendars that are not visible. - Corrected the main window to properly minimize to the task tray when Windows is started. - Corrected the Backup window to allow a browsing for a backup folder. - Other minor bug fixes.

v 7.2.0 updated on Jun 29, 2010

- Added automatic creation of multiple backup checkpoints. - Improved reliability of Google Calendar syncing. - Corrected problems with reminders sometimes not displaying when expected. - Many other improvements and bug corrections.

v 7.1.0 updated on May 17, 2010

-Added the ability to undo/redo changes -Added a 'Column' layout mode to the Week View -Added the ability to view and navigate whole months in the Month View -Other minor improvements and bug corrections

v 7.0.2 updated on Apr 22, 2010

- Corrected a problem with the popup reminder window not remembering its width after being resized. - Other minor bug corrections.

v 7.0.1 updated on Apr 14, 2010

-Corrected a problem with reminders not displaying. -Other minor bug corrections.

v 7.0.0 updated on Apr 12, 2010

-Improved the layout of the main window, allowing simultaneous view types by dragging tabs. -Improved contact management, adding many new fields. -Improved and corrected printing options. -Added occurrence numbers for recurring events. -Improved the Upcoming Events area of the desktop calendar.

v 6.0.1 updated on Dec 14, 2009

- Added a "Now" button when displaying the Day and Week views. This button will make the current date and time visible in the Day/Week views. - Improved the Day and Week views to automatically scroll to the current time when the current date is selected. - Other minor corrections and improvements.

v 5.5.1 updated on Nov 29, 2009

- Added the ability to re-order calendar groups via drag-and-drop. - Improved and corrected creation of new events, to ensure they're always visible. - Improved the Calendar Properties window to allow group assignment to changed. - Improved calendar groups to save the expanded/collapsed status.

v 5.5.0 updated on Nov 16, 2009

- Added the ability to display and filter events base on associated calendar, category, priority, and location. - Added the ability to group calendars in the Calendar List. - Added the ability to prioritize events. - Improved run-time performance.

v 5.4.0 updated on Oct 19, 2009

- Added real-time calendar subscription updating over a local network. Calendars will automatically refresh whenever they are changed on another computer. - Added notification of conflicting events.

v 5.2.0 updated on Sep 05, 2009

Added a Recent Reminders window, which shows the status of recently displayed and snoozed reminders, and allows those reminders to be immediately redisplayed.

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