WebCam Looker History

Version history for WebCam Looker shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Sep 02, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 7.5
Size: 4272 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   WebCam Looker - is easy to use webcam surveillance software. On movements around any shape it alarms by sound, SMS, email, messaging, application execution, to web. Monitoring via Internet. Archive. Records TV-programs, Scheduler, Watermarks, Dialer.

v 7.5 updated on Mar 23, 2015

Small web server and usability improvements.

v 7.4 updated on Nov 30, 2014

Small web server and usability improvements.

v 6.1 updated on May 30, 2011

Improved network disks support. More usability changes

v 6.0 updated on Mar 21, 2011

Added destination of motion detector for Visitors Counting (counter number of alarms on the picture of the motion)

v 5.1 updated on Aug 09, 2010

Added support of passive FTP. Other minor improvements.

v 5.0 updated on May 12, 2010

Repeater service - to access your computer from everywhere. logging all requests to built-in web server into access.log file. Option to show only red rectangle around motion detected on main preview instead of whole changed area color marking.

v 4.4 updated on Mar 09, 2010

Web server: MJPEG live video streaming. Web server: Viewing of all sources simultaneously. Web server: Picture quality and resize controls for better viewing via mobile devices or slow Internet connection. And other small improvements.

v 4.2 updated on Sep 07, 2009

Post-Recording length for Motion Detector. Video recording for TV-tuners and none-switchable ports. Detection of startup before driver's initialization (autostart mode).

v 4.1 updated on May 11, 2009

SSL support. Providing login/password at URL for built-in web server. Macro: {#1-10} for sequential/cyclic file writing at destinations.

v 3.4 updated on Nov 10, 2008

Added to Context Menu the ability to start all (previously paused) sources with delay (0.5 or 5 minutes) - used to avoid false motion detection alarms for interval necessary to leave the house.

v 3.1 updated on Feb 28, 2008

Added: MJPEG video support for URL source (IP-cameras). Added: output of the warning text over main Window in case Archive is full. Added: Destination/ExternalApp: more macro: {Time}, {SourceName}.

v 3.0 updated on Jan 06, 2008

Added: computer reboot on device drivers hanging. Added: motion absence detection.

v 2.9 updated on Nov 08, 2007

Improved Windows Vista compatibility (permissions). Added: multiple images attachment to Email. Destinations: save (a copy) to archive checkbox.

v 2.8 updated on Aug 17, 2007

Movement sustained for X number of seconds logic in Motion detector. Removal of files regardless of free disk space in Archive. Resize of Archive dialog. Warning on unconnected devices at startup.

v 2.7 updated on Jun 22, 2007

Added support of multiport capture cards.

v 2.6 updated on May 01, 2007

Added new destinations: Skype Message and Popup Main Window.

v 1.4 updated on Sep 20, 2006

Added Scheduler. Improved compatibility with capture devices. Improved preview refreshing during writing of video.

v 1.3 updated on Sep 02, 2006

Added TV-tuner channel configuration and audio recording. Added new skin: Metallic.

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