Whitenoise Email Attachment Encryptor History

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Version: 3.0
Size: 9554KB
OS: Win 2000/XP
Description:   Whitenoise Unbroken - RSA Challenges Broken, Encryption, secure email, security, file security, network security, Whitenoise, authentication, authorization, email

v 3.0 updated on May 02, 2008

Whitenoise UNBROKEN - RSA Challenges Broken. . There was no winner of the insured $100,000 Whitenoise Security Challenge. . http://www.wnlabs.com/WhitenoiseSecurityChallenge . . The contest and prize money were meant to challenge the bona fides of the security industry, security companies and . cryptanalysts. It was also to validate that Whitenoise cannot be broken. . One million bytes of contest key stream were provided to all the institutions to provide them enough material to attempt to . recreate the Whitenoise contest key and thereby decrypt the Whitenoise contest file and collect the $100,000. . Whitenoise Email Attachment Encryptor. It is multi -lingual . This application, in the Security Suite, is designed to be . upgraded from a personal security application to one that will facilitate secure network communications and file interchange . through managed or enterprise self contained Secure File Interchange secure networks. It is possible to create secure . networks over the Internet with just USB keys and an Internet connection. Visit http://www.wnlabs.com in October 2007 to . register for the $100,000 Whitenoise Security Challenge.

v 1.01 updated on Nov 08, 2006

Unknown changes

v 1.0 updated on Jul 16, 2006

Unknown changes

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