Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro History

Version history for Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Aug 30, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 6.1.6
Size: 14028 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Wondershare PPT2D is a powerful tool designed for converting PowerPoint presentations to DVD retaining animations, sounds, videos and even links between slides. It also empowers you to easily create eye-catiching DVD menus for quick easy navigation.

v 6.1.6 updated on Nov 30, 2014

1. Fixed the problems about the virtual sound card in Windows 64 bits system.2. Reorganized and updated the video format list.3. Replaced the help document with online help.

v 6.1.5 updated on Jun 10, 2010

1.Compatible with Office 2010. 2. Fixed the distortion problem of playing DVD on TV. 3. Fixed the bug of conversion failure under Office 2000.4. Fixed the bug of DVD menu including blank frames.

v 6.1 updated on Feb 13, 2010

1.Up to 130 output video formats,7 HD video formats supported.2.Added the background music settings.3.Added the feature to customize the background pictures of the buttons in menu settings.

v updated on Dec 14, 2009

1. Fixed the bug of cannot select DVD recorder partition when burning.2. Fixed the bug of popping out warning information when deleting texts on the DVD menu.3. Fixed the bug that audio files cannot loop in PowerPoint presentation.4. Fixed some other minor bugs.

v 5.1.1 updated on Nov 29, 2009

1. Improved the using experience of installing PPT2DVD;2. Fixed some minor bugs.

v updated on Nov 01, 2009

1. Brand-new application interface.2. Simplified the operation process, and improved the ease to use and stability of this product.3. Improved the conversion rate.4. Updated the DVD templates.

v 5.5.0 updated on May 08, 2009

1. Added more video output formats such as MOV, MP4, FLV 2. Geared up the conversion speed 3. Fixed some compatible bugs

v 5.2.0 updated on Feb 05, 2009

1. Geared up conversion speed under manual mode 2. Flexible file importing 3. Intelligent menu designer 4. Improved compatibility of the DVD burner by updating its SDK 5. One audio codec was added to improve audio compatibility 6. Fixed minor bugs under manual mode 7. Optimized the using exper

v 5.1.5 updated on Dec 09, 2008

1. Fixed the problem that may cause conversion failure; 2. Enhanced animations playing functions; 3. Fixed other minor bugs.

v 5.0.0 updated on Sep 09, 2008

1.Flicker is a history 2. Geared up conversion speed 3. High compatibility 4. Template based DVD menu design 5. Adding logo to your slide show 6.New user interface

v 4.7.4 updated on Aug 07, 2008

1. Fixed some bugs on UI. 2. Improved the conversion stability. 3. Fixed some minor bugs.

v 4.7.0 updated on Jun 09, 2008

1.Burns PowerPoint presentations to DVD with improved video quality (Real Player 10 is recommended); 2.The conversion process is more stable and fast; 3.Improved DVD menu more comfortable and easy to use.

v updated on Feb 26, 2008

1. Improved the output video quality. 2. Improved the conversion stability. 3. Able to produce MPEG2-TS videos for playing on DVB and ATSC. 4. Fixed minor bugs.

v 4.6.0 updated on Dec 29, 2007

1. Resolved some compatibility issues when working with Windows Vista. 2. Improved the output video quality. 3. Improved the conversion stability. 4. Able to produce MPEG2-TS videos for playing on DVB and ATSC. 5. Removed the presentation analyzing function. 6. Fixed minor bugs.

v 4.5.4 updated on Dec 21, 2007

1. Optimized the using experience; 2. Enhanced the video quality for DVD; 3. Fixed some bugs to improve stability;

v 4.5.2 updated on Dec 07, 2007

1. Able to pre-check your presentation while importing. This feature shows the problems that may degrade the output quality; 2. Optimized using experience; 3. Able to convert PPS and PPSX files; 4. Improved the conversion efficiency and stability; Added preview function

v 4.5.1 updated on Nov 21, 2007

1. Able to pre-check your presentation while importing. This feature shows the problems that may degrade the output quality; 2. Optimized using experience; 3. Able to convert PPS and PPSX files; 4. Improved the conversion efficiency and stability; Added preview function

v 4.5.0 updated on Nov 06, 2007

1. Brand new user interface and working experience; 2. Enhanced DVD menu design features allow users create professional look menus with ease. 3. Pre-check PowerPoint files for helping users improve the output quality; 4. Video preview: The first 3 slides can be previewed before conversion

v 4.0 updated on Sep 19, 2007

1. Added: PowerPoint to HDTV function 2. Added: PowerPoint to WMV video conversion function 3. Added: PowerPoint to AVI video conversion function 4. Save 50% time for you. Higher conversion speed 5. Enhanced DVD Menu functions, more menu templates added. 6. Fully compatible with Windows Vista, PowerPoint 2007 7. Supported Blu-ray DVD and HD-DVD; 8. Supported all sound effects in the original PowerPoint files 9. Retain the original PowerPoint narrations 10. Supported midi sound in PowerPoint presentation 11. Retain the video full screen play setting if set in original PowerPoint presentation 12. The feature to retain the loop play setting of sound and video is included. 13. The feature to rename the presentation titile was added

v 3.11.0 updated on Jul 17, 2007

1. It retains specified timings of sound and movie clips in PowerPoint. 2. Users can customize video quality in Advanced Settings of Video Settings. 3. The decoding of Midi audio is improved. 4. It retains PowerPoint narrations.

v 3.9.2 updated on Apr 26, 2007

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v 3.8.9 updated on Aug 31, 2006

what's new: Added: Delete invalid log files automatically.

v 3.8.2 updated on May 23, 2006

what's new: Added: Delete invalid log files automatically.

v 3.7.1 updated on May 10, 2006

what's new: 1. Fixed: When convert to MPEG, or in Auto-play mode, if the sound and movie in the slide were set to stop playing after a specific slide, there might be no sound in the export. 2. Fixed: When convert to MPEG, or in Auto-play mode, PPT2DVD might determine an inaccurate transition time between slides. 3. Added the option to set the DVD Audio language code. If no language code is selected, the export may not be able to played on certain types of DVD player. If the language code is specified, the export may also failed to be played on DVD player due to the region error.

v 3.7.0 updated on May 02, 2006

what's new: 1. Added the support for the animation sound effect. 2. Added the option to abstract the audios by recording. If this option is selected, it may cause the music skipping. Uncheck this option, the audios in the original will be detected and set as the background music, while audio formats as Midi is not supported. 3. Added the option "Concentrate on graphic quality only", if this optiion is selected, the graphic quality will be considered with higher priority than text quality, vice versa. 4. Added the option "Using progressive scanning", to improved the compatibility with Old-style DVD player. This option is not selected as default. 5. Enhanced the video processing ability, the new version output a smaller file than the former releases after converting the PowerPoint with Videos embedded. 6. Modified the playback of the embedded videos, all the Videos in the PowerPoint file will be played automatically, no matter whether you set is to be played automatically or on mouse click. 7. Fixed: Video and audio not in sync in the videos after conversion. 8. Fixed: Errors may occur if 44hz is set as the audio sample rate when burn to DVDs. 9. Fixed: The playback time and orders of the audio and video files may be incorrect in auto-play mode 10. Fixed: There might be only audio but no videos in the converted file. 11. Deleted the option "Apply the original animation time", and the animation time in the original will be adopted as always. 12. Deleted the option "Combine all the builds in one slide".

v 3.6.0 updated on Apr 10, 2006

what's new: 1.Fix: MPEG files can not be generated when Customize.. is set as MPEG format(Video Mode) in the Video Settings section. 2.Fix:The error message prompt when you selected the option to shut down your computer automatically after the conversion.

v 3.5.0 updated on Mar 28, 2006

1. Add: With the register code re-entered, the application can be run under Users account. 2. Add: PPT2DVD now supports HDTV, but the x-axis can't be larger than 1000. (It is recommended that you don't select this item if not necessary.) 3. Add: Frame-added option in main menu. 4. Add: User can edit the Ending-Page under Manual-Mode. 5. Delete: The option to customize the background of menu button. 6. Fix: MPEG files can not be generated under NTSC norm. 7. Fix: The program may be automatically closed when there is an encoding error. 8. Fix: The hidden slide may lead to an error. (PPT2DVD now ignores the hidden slide) 9. The encoding efficiency has been increased.

v 3.2.3 updated on Mar 16, 2006

1. PPT2DVD now adopts the optimized encoding parameters,and the previous setting options concerning this issue has been removed. 2. Fix:The audio tracks may skip when they are played on a DVD player. 3. Fix:The sound-not-playing problem caused by the mis-selecting audio channel when convert to MPEG or under Auto-Play mode. 4. Fix:Support the encoding on Multi-Processor(up to 16),Dual Core and Hyper-Threading processor. 5. Fix:The embedded video clips may be reversed after conversion. 6. Fix:The video clips can't be processed under Auto-play Mode. 7. Fix:The hyperlinks may be disabled after conversion. 8. Fix:Some other bugs.

v 3.2.2 updated on Feb 28, 2006

1. Handled the errors occured occasionally when burn to DVDs. 2. Fixed some logical bugs.

v 3.1.0 updated on Feb 01, 2006

1.Modify the maximum dimension up to 1280*720 of the output videos. MPEG-1 is now available as an output format, however, it may not be played on the 1280 x 720 HDTV even if the dimension is supported. As for MPEG-2, there is no problem to be played with the MPEG-2 decoder installed on, while MPEG-1 needn't, as it's widely accepted and compatible. 2.The problem that the screen may turn black when using PPT2DVD under Office 2000 has been solved 3.The animations in the last slides can be converted completely. The audio track will continue if it's longer than the video, while the screen will turn black. 4.Video files inserted in PPT2DVD can be well played in auto-play mode after being converted. And more video formats are supported now. (Generally, PPT2DVD is in compliance with the videos that can be played with MediaPlay) 5.Solved the problem that the audio tracks may be intermittent when playing on a DVD player. 6.Transitions and effects can be wholly transformed under Auto-play mode. However, there may be exceptional under Manual-Play mode if the transitions are too complicated. 7.Redesign the interface of the program. 8.It is now compliant with Nero 6 or below. (Nero is chosen as default in PPT2DVD, users also can choose "Built-in" for burning, if Nero didn't meet the needs.) 9.Fixed the bugs in response to the feedbacks of our users. 10.It is no longer needed to turn off the "hardware acceleration".

v 3.0 updated on Dec 26, 2005

Unknown changes

v 2.5.9 updated on Oct 27, 2005

1. Fixed: some minor bugs.

v 2.5.8 updated on Sep 29, 2005

Unknown changes

v 2.5.5 updated on Aug 30, 2005

Unknown changes

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