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Version history for Wondershare QuizCreator shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 06, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

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OS: Windows
Description:   QuizCreator is a robust quiz maker designed for making highly customized Flash quizzes for corporate training and online education. The quizzes can be published to Flash, SCORM, or a free quiz management system Wondershare provides.

v updated on Jan 06, 2010

1.Define the path.2.Let your quizzes speak your entered text with Text to Speech feature.3.Customize score.4.Support multiple hotspots and arbitrary shapes in Click Map quiz.5.Add logo image.6.Collect information of quiz-takers.7.set one or more correct choices.

v 2.3.5 updated on Jul 28, 2008

1. Release of Quiz Management System (QMS); Quiz Management System Helps All Users Easily Collect, Analyze and Manage Test Results for Online Assessments.

v 2.3.0 updated on Jun 11, 2008

1. Added the Question Type of Word Bank; 2. Added the Feature of Randomizing by Question Type; 3. Added the Feature of Publish as Microsoft Excel Documents; 4. Added Better Support for Specific LMS Systems; 5. Fixed Some Issues and Bugs from Users' Feedback;

v 2.1.0 updated on Mar 24, 2008

1.Add Excel Template Generator for users to create Excel quizzes and import to QuizCreator. 2.Enable users to change the font of Quiz Instructions. 3.Add the option “Apply all” for feedback settings.

v 1.8.0 updated on Dec 07, 2007

1.Improved Quiz Feedback; 2. Multiple Quiz Management; 3. Access Control; 4. Add Signs to Questions; 5. lets users to add their own pictures as background image for quiz player. 6. Disallowing Multiple Quiz Attempts

v 1.7.5 updated on Nov 06, 2007

1. Better integration with SCORM 2004; 2. Improved support for Unicode in Firefox,Opera and Safari 3. Better support of special characters; 4. The bug of saving quizzes as temporary files is fixed.

v 1.7.0 updated on Oct 09, 2007

1. Add an orange border to the answers dragged to establish a match in Matching questions. 2. Add an orange border to the answers dragged to establish sequence in Sequence questions. 3. Remove the number limit of questions in Excel document.

v 1.6.5 updated on Aug 15, 2007

1. Users can import an audio clip or record a narration for a question. 2. User ID can be selected as a required option. 3. The feature of Remember Me can be selected as optional.

v 1.6.0 updated on Jul 03, 2007

1. Color scheme editor is added to the player template.2. Questions can be imported from MS Excel document.3. A created quiz can be exported as MS Word document.4. Hyperlinks can be inserted to questions, notes and feedback.

v 1.5.0 updated on Apr 26, 2007

1. Users will experience a brand new palyer template in this version. It's neat and succinct. 2. Fixed other minor bugs.

v 1.0.0 updated on Dec 06, 2006

Unknown changes

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